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Best Hand Job Ever

I am a thirty eight-year old man. I maintain an active lifestyle and to be perfectly honest I think I keep my body in pretty good shape for someone my age. I run five miles a day, weekends off, and play organized softball and basketball throughout the year. Well enough about my self-absorbed fitness. Suffice […]

Sniffing Her Panties: Caught

I live in a small town where not much happens. Fifteen years ago, a family rented the upstairs apartment in our large house. We had much more room than we needed, and the entire upstairs was turned into a private apartment. A lovely family moved in and we became like family rather quickly. The mother […]

A Clean Pair of Heels

I’m sitting in the black leather chair as usual. The leather cool against my thighs. I’m dressed in a very short black skirt, a skintight low necked black top, black fishnet stockings and the main event: my six inch black shiny stiletto heeled shoes. I cross my legs and swing my foot impatiently, acutely conscious […]

Drinking Amy’s Pee

Hot breath hit my ear over the throb of the techno music, piercing through my ecstasy induced fuzziness. I felt long hair sway against my arm and a hand gently pull me closer. “We’re so fucking high,” whispered her voice, “We just want someone to come away from here and give it to us.” I […]

Drinking My Aunty’s Pee

In Chapter 1 I recounted how my cousin discovered me drinking her pee from her piss pot, and how she subsequently developed a taste for mine. In this chapter I describe how I got to drink my Aunty’s pee as well. Chapter 2. I drink my Aunt’s pee. Next morning Di and her mom said […]

A Drink From the Golden Cup

He had me turned on soooo good. Had me drink a ton of water, and I knew what was coming. He’d make me pee for him. No big deal, I’d done that before, and I was fine with it. He asked if I had ever drunk my own piss before. I said I had tasted […]

How I Eat My Own Cum

This is a one-hundred percent true story. I know that a lot of guys think about this too, and this is how I have personally overcome my mental obstacles… For as long as I can remember, it has been a fantasy of mine to eat my own cum. As many other men with this fantasy, […]

Cum Junkies

It all started out when I met my girlfriend Sherry at a strip club, she was an exotic dancer and she worked the back room too. That is where I first saw her, she was down on her knees sucking a young mans cock all the way to his balls. I couldn’t believe a woman […]

Anne’s First of Many Gyn Exams

As I get ready to go to bed, I usually prepare my clothing for the next day. I want to look classy tomorrow. I have several meetings and I also have my annual gyn check-up. At work I like to project confidence and authority particularly because I am so petite; but at Dr. Gregory’s Office […]

Panty: First Dirty Treasures

Continuing with my true stories of panty adventures, this is about the very first encounter with Linda’s panties. I really appreciate readers’ feedbacks and some have wanted me to add more details to make it more erotic. However, these encounters are TRUE and I would like to share them exactly as I remembered it. Hopefully, […]

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