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Milking Time

I was staying the night with Laura and Bob; they were conveniently sited near one of our major suppliers and I took the opportunity to visit them about twice a year when I had a meeting. Laura was my wife’s cousin, a pretty, rather conventional woman my own age. She had nice legs and a […]

A Story of Foot Love and Lust

I spent many years on the road, working as a stand up comedian and radio personality. I retired about four years ago, but the experiences I have had over the years will last me a lifetime. Here is a story, completely true, about one of those experiences. I was dating a nice young lady back […]

Wet Nipples

In what turned out to be exquisite irony, I was working for one of the largest dairy processing facilities in the lush southern half of New Zealand. Raw milk came in on tankers and was processed into milk powder, cheese and pure anhydrous milk fat. I worked closely with the lab staff who were responsible […]

Pissing for Aunty Nikola

A fairly short one at around 4900 words but one I hope you find entertaining. I aimed this primarily at the pee fetishists, however I couldn’t help myself and made Nikola a big-boobed MILF (I was in that kind of mood). Also, as I got close to the finale I then injected the ‘Aunty Nikola’ […]

Nicola’s Hairy Armpits

To be honest, I can’t really pinpoint where my fetish for hairy women began. As a kid, I can remember looking at old photos of Victorian woman in lingerie, and thinking they looked slightly strange with the thick patches of hair in their armpits, and when I did see the occasional woman with hairy pits […]

Pussy Licking, Ass Kissing Professor

Edith Graham, like many college freshmen, needed spending money and the easiest way to make money was to baby sit. She had been doing it since she was thirteen and knew the drill by heart. She put her name down to baby sit for professors who needed baby sitting services. One afternoon the coordinator called […]

My Pissing Girlfriend

BATH TIME SURPRISE This was to be our first Christmas together. We had been seeing each other for around two months now and were only just beginning to get an idea of what little fetishes would turn on the other. After our last love making session, two nights ago, Sandra had done something incredibly naughty […]

Drinking My Cousin’s Pee

My Uncle Ron and Auntie Jean had just bought a cottage and invited my parents and me to stay for a week. Uncle Ron was my mom’s brother. My cousin Diane was there too. She had just had her 18th birthday at the time, and though still a “school girl”, was developing into a beautiful […]

Dating a Tease

It was a late fall day, overcast skies and a cold mist filled the air, what Jim was doing, waiting for the bus with what seem like the entire freshmen class. He hated taking the bus back to the dorms; they were always crowded and smelled like three day old beer. But his girl Sue, […]

Jen Pisses in the Office for me

I had read a story on a fetish porn site about a woman named Jen stopping behind after hours and taking a naughty piss over the carpet in a conference room. The author had then gone onto to describe how the woman, turned-on by her actions had gone onto experimenting by first peeing over the […]

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