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Pussy Therapy

“I’m here to see the doctor; I was referred by Dr. Pross.” I said as I looked at the receptionist. She was an attractive young sister with a blouse that definitely played off her best assets. “Wait, one minute the doctor will be with you shortly.” “Not a problem.” As I glanced back once more […]

Pregnant Woman Tells Story of Love

I boarded the Metroliner train at New York’s Penn Station at 9:00 am on a Thursday morning, bound for the Nations Capitol. I was half-awake from the previous night’s festivities. I half slept until the second stop at Metropark. I did not immediately notice the pregnant young woman as she boarded the car ahead of […]

My Favorite Female Doctor

I have a very definite preference for female doctors. I find them to be much more caring and thorough than male doctors. Plus, I must admit that I very much enjoy the experience of being examined by a woman. I have “managed medical care” so I don’t always see the same doctor every time. So, […]

Public Handjob

You look great in your gray pinstripe suit and white blouse. The blouse is one of my favorites, since it shows off you beautiful breasts so well. At times, your jacket falls back and I can see hints of your dark colored bra through your blouse. Tonight I see that you have on your black […]

Fucking Mom and Daughter at Church

Church is a drag. Not always, though. When my mother told me that I’d be attending my niece’s confirmation, I agreed to drive her and attend. After all, who doesn’t want to make their mother happy? Of course, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. This was a Catholic service we were to be attending, […]

Wet Miranda Squirts

As much as I love to come, and as often as I masturbate, there was something that was still a mystery about the process until recently. I watched Rick jacking off one night, and I suddenly realized that men always shoot out something when they come, and women generally do not. I had heard that […]

A Very Modern Family

Note : This story is a parody of “Modern Family”, the sitcom. All the actors are above 18. * Dylan laid back on Haley’s bed with a wide smile on his face. “Nice, Haley” he said to the slender brunette whose lips were wrapped around his cock. “You’re getting much better at it this!”. Haley […]

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