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Stranger in My Pants

I shouldn’t have wanted him. I’m a married woman. Happily married, and I should’ve finished my drink, left with my girlfriends, and gone home to my husband. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ves rang in my head as I got out of the stranger’s car and wobbled back to my own. My legs were shaking and my breathing […]

She had a Dream

Jerry grabbed his laptop, the lunch he had prepared and headed out to his car. It was a quiet Sunday morning a perfect day to water the plants, sit around relaxing and reading the paper, or perhaps spending some time in bed with his wife, except today, Jerry had to work some overtime. He climbed […]

The Cum Bucket

Pete and Cath had been married for eleven years and were both really content. Pete considered himself lucky, with a nine inch cock he knew he was well above average in that department and Cath was always more than happy to take him on, no worries about her being unfaithful. He was also a heavy […]

Substitute Pussy

Author’s note: This totally fictional tale includes righteous infidelity and mature multiracial sex. All sexual activity involves conscious humans age 18+. Views expressed are not necessarily the author’s. Your constructive feedback is welcome. “Condom?” Elle raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms under her bra. “Ummm, I think so, let me see…” He rifled through […]

Topless Photos

Mike was approached by one of his daughters for a small favour for a friend. “Dad, you know my friend, Melanie?” she asked. “Yes?” said Mike, raising an eyebrow in inquiry. “She’s moving into a new house later this week, and we were wondering if you could drop around and take photos of the house […]

My WIfe, My Slave

My wife has always enjoyed me talking dirty to her when having sex. Mostly fantasy things, I would have never dreamed she would possibly consider doing any of them in a million years. One of her favorite subjects when I was fucking her was telling her that one thing I wanted her to do for […]

Handjob Fascination

Ever since she was in her late teens, Jenna had been fascinated with hand jobs. Not only giving them, but also watching men doing themselves. It was a rush to see and hear the reactions of a man when he masturbated – even more so if the guy didn’t know she was watching. This is […]

Public Handjob

You look great in your gray pinstripe suit and white blouse. The blouse is one of my favorites, since it shows off you beautiful breasts so well. At times, your jacket falls back and I can see hints of your dark colored bra through your blouse. Tonight I see that you have on your black […]

The Hunt for White Pussy

It was quite like any other business day in the summer, and I was out of office on a field trip hunting for a new supplier as our company was tired of the hassles in working with our old furniture supplier. I had been to several suppliers already by the time I met Sable, and […]

Fucking Black Mom And Daughter

I went over to Toni’s house in a nice section of the Bronx to spend the weekend. We’d been seeing each other about 3 wonderful months. She’s black, 43, divorced, runs an insurance office two blocks from home, is smart, curvy and sexy. Toni also had one son and 2 daughters. The youngest, a 19YO […]

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