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Reluctant Swinger

Jill felt a tear well up in her eye, and she sniffled. Her husband David, driving the car beside her heard her and said “It will be ok Jill, this will be fun.” But, Jill thought, no way this was going to be fun. She and David were driving to a local club to meet […]

Fun on the Beach

While one guy knelt behind her the other positioned himself at her side, as she was now on her hands and knees he was able to reach out and cup her breasts squeezing them in turn gently manipulating the hard nipples between forefinger and thumb causing Jules to take a sharp gasp of breath. He […]

Sex with Sister

I woke up with a tingling sensation between my legs. I looked down and saw my nude sister stroking my cock and licking the head. “What are you doing Carla?” I asked. “I want to get it hard because I want to feel it inside me again.” She said. I lay my head back on […]

His Sister’s Secret Life

This is a work entirely of fiction. Jimmy was bored. Like most fit and testosterone filled teenagers he was finding it difficult to sit still. His eyes inevitably began roving but almost at once settled on a busty nurse bent over to adjust his sister’s drip. The top buttons of her uniform had popped open […]

A Family Friend

After I had moved to San Francisco I had lost touch with David. Now David had been a very supportive friend in my high school years who had seen me through my parents divorce and then he had helped me get into college. My job at the bank had really cut me off from my […]

The Orgasmic Date

Mandy woke groggily. She felt she’d just dozed off; it didn’t feel like morning. She tried to use her left hand to brush some of her hair back but it seemed heavy; she stopped. Even before she opened her eyes she had the sense she was in an unfamiliar place. As she opened her eyes […]

Nurse Zenka’s Helping Hand

If there was one thing Zenka hated, it was being interrupted while masturbating. As the phone on her nightstand began to ring, she cursed softly to herself and used her free hand to pick it up. Caller ID informed her that it was the hospital. She sighed, and answered, “This better be good.” It was […]

Lights, Camera, Nipples!

As luck would have it, I got hired for a TV show that has been a success. Who would have guessed that a television show about attic junk would draw a big audience? I had worked as a make up and hair style artist for all sorts of small jobs on local TV and for […]

The ‘Wet Pants’ Game

I was shocked! I thought my friend Tina—although utterly hot looking—to be the most proper of girls. Neither of us had dates that night so we were over at her house to spend the night pitying together. But then she told me about a hot game she used to play sometimes with a previous girlfriend. […]

Naughty Teacher and Her Pet

Note: Though it is not stated in the actual text, this story is written about what *I* imagine to be an 18 Part 1: Naughty Teacher Chooses her Pet I stay at my desk as I watch your classmates file out of the room ahead of you. With all students facing away from me, I […]

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