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Fucking Her Best Friend Raw

“Oh my God!” she yelled at the top of her lungs “we should not be doing this” as her best friend’s boyfriend pounded his eight inch dick into her tight 23 year old pussy. Jane buried her face into the pillow as she accepted a serious pounding as he continued to crash into her from […]

Sister-in-law Comes to Play

I want to tell somebody about the most memorable weekend that I’ve had in a long time. Since I can’t possibly tell any of my friends and certainly not my wife, I’ll tell you instead. A couple of months ago my wife’s best friend, Amy had a baby. Amy lives in a small town about […]

Christmas Cream Pie

In addition to the normal Christmas gifts my wife and I exchanged I also made some coupons that she could redeem for oral sex. I took my time and made four professional looking gifts certificates on my computer and put them under the tree for Christmas morning. Now oral sex is something I am willing […]

Sister-In-Law Swap

I’m writing this with 5 days to go on a remarkable vacation. The situation is just too good to believe…You see I’ve always had a thing for my sister-in-law, a big-breasted girl 15 years my wife’s junior. My wife Jane is a beautiful lady in her mid fifties who can easily pass as my daughter. […]

Accidental Sex with GF’s Sister

Everybody in this story was of legal age at the time of the incident. ***** Of course it’s true; you can’t make this stuff up! When I was dating Mitzi I used to go over to her house and wait for her to get home from work. Her little sister, Melissa was always there since […]

Wife’s Birthday Present

It was my wife’s 35th Birthday. One of the gifts was a beautiful new watch. The other was a special evening I had planned for us. This evening would be one she’d remember for years to come. A little background information on my wife and I. My wife’s name is Lisa. She is a beautiful […]

A Bathroom Encounter

All day long the air in Tokyo was sticky and humid. When I came home from work just before midnight, the first thing after stripping my sandals was to open the veranda door to get some of the relatively fresh night breeze into my appartement. The second was that I turned on the water tap […]

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