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Like Mother, Unlike Daughter

My pulse quickened as I sat outside her house. I really was not even sure that it was her house. It had been years since I had quite by accident ran into her sister-in-law who willingly showed me the pictures of Dawn and her children at the Christmas party. It had taken me years, but […]

I Turned Eighteen Yesterday

‘I turned eighteen yesterday!’ I stated proudly as the bouncer checked my ID. ‘So you did.’ He grunted and waved me through. My best friend Amy was already inside. She turned eighteen months ago, and said that this was a good club for dancing. Judging by the crowd already dancing around the DJ’s stage, she […]

Post-Fight Sex at the Party

“FINE! DON’T EVER MOVE HERE THEN!” I yelled into my cell phone as I hung up on my boyfriend and chucked my mobile onto my bed. We had just had another fight about when he was going to move to Southern California. This had been a topic of ongoing discussion for a long time now, […]

Kinky Sex With A Stranger

A few years back I met a lady Software Engineer in a conference at Bombay. She was in her early thirties. She was tall, charming, intelligent with two seductive eyes and a voluptuous body that could inflame passion in any male. On the first day of the conference I read a paper on software implementation […]

Biggest Cock, Bigger Cum

It was a good day traveling which was rare for me. I didn’t have to travel much for the company, but every time I did, it was “less than pleasurable”, let’s say. Up until I got to the hotel room, everything went off without a hitch — plane took off on time, landed on time, […]

Please Take My Pussy!

“Pleeeeease?” Tiffany pleaded. “No!” I remained steadfast. “For the umpteenth and fourth time, I will not take that damned kitten! You’ve been trying to get rid of her for weeks now and my answer is STILL “NO!” Look, I made up flyers for you, I posted ads on the Internet and I’ve annoyed the hell […]

My Sexy Neighbor

It all started on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon. I was sitting on my back porch enjoying the peace and quite. My wife had taken both our children out for the whole afternoon. I had just finished cutting the back lawn and was looking forward to an uneventful rest of the day. Suzan, my neighbour, […]

My Mature Fantasy Comes True

I don’t know exactly when it was that I started having my recurring sexual fantasy. I guess it all goes back to puberty when I first discovered that something besides piss came out of the end of my cock. I also discovered that when that white fluid came out it felt a whole lot better […]

Janie Shaves Her Pussy

OK, you couldn’t really call Janie “Beautiful.” She had mousy blondish brown hair, deep set eyes and kinda cone shaped little tits. No, you wouldn’t brag to your pals that you took out Janie Walsh. But our families had been close friends when we lived in New York and we continued that friendship when both […]

Sorry, I’m Engaged. But Oral’s Okay

This story has its beginning around fifteen years back when I was twenty two years old. Our extended family owned a seaside bach in Coromandel on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The bach (holiday home) had been owned by my now deceased grandparents and was now held in a family […]

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