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Caught Playing in the Pool Room

I pulled my car into the dirt driveway of my father-in-law’s rural California property, and smiled as I scanned the yard. Other than the old truck parked in the same spot off to the side that it had been in for decades, no other vehicle was around. He likely was off at a doctor’s appointment […]

Lake Massage

It has been three years since our Chicago tryst. The tension between Lynn and me remained like dry kindling ready to catch fire. Now at 65 she was still an amazing woman in every way, my attraction to her never waned. I did not see Lynn again, in the flesh that is, until one hot […]

Naughty Encounter at the Theater

Several years ago, while I was in Memphis on a business trip, I decided to visit an adult theater after reading about incidents in an alternative newspaper. Decked out in khaki cargo shorts, loafers and a polo shirt, I left my hotel in the general direction of the airport. I found the address of the […]

Mean Girls Suck, Nice Girls Swallow

Even a hot shower hadn’t quite lifted Jenny out of her morning haze, and she stumbled back to her room sleepily. She clicked on her laptop to check her email as she got dressed, but what she saw jolted her awake. Under the subject line, “ur next panhellenic prez???” were four small thumbnail pictures. One […]

The Masturbation Club

I was looking forward to my first Masturbation Club experience. The “rules of engagement” were simple enough. The group was sent an e-mail as to the date, time and location of the meeting. The donation to help out with the cost of the room at a decent hotel was a set $10 to be put […]

She Loved To Suck Cock!!

I am here to tell you she loved to suck cock! Her name was Annie and I’d meant her and her husband thru other friends. They would stop by for a beer or two and a smoke. The more we got to know them the more I liked Annie. She was quite pretty I guess […]

Showing Her Around

Vince Taylor had been at work for not more than half an hour, and had barely drunk enough coffee to be sure that he would stay awake, when the new employee was brought around to be introduced. This was usually a very fast introduction, a fast handshake and an attempt on both sides to remember […]

Monster Dick

The phone rung and it was my baby on it asking me what I was doing. I told him that I wasn’t doing anything but being bored out of my mind. It was a Friday night and I had nothing to do, my baby asked me if I wanted to come over and chill for […]

She Sucks Cock

She kneeled between his splayed feet and looked at him. His cock throbbed with each heartbeat, hard as only hard can be. She reached up and put her hand around him softly, carefully, and then pulled down just a bit. The skin tightened at the tip of his cock and a little bit of precum […]

He Filled My Hole

It was the hottest night of the summer. I had central air, but it didn’t help when there was no power. Sleeping was hard, the rain poured then it would stop, then pour again. The steam hovered above the ground. In the distance you could hear a low rumble of thunder. I took another cold […]

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