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A Very Thorough Medical Exam

“There! One more consultation and I can call it a day!” I think to myself as I close the door behind the second last patient for the day. I am in somewhat of a hurry to get away from the surgery, as I have a racquetball appointment with the guys at the club and I’m […]

Class Room

George Evans and his wife Cindy were a happily married couple who loved each other. Everything was fine in their marriage, even after 15 years of being married they enjoyed each other passionately. Of course it could never be the same as it was when they were younger, but George was tall and proud man. […]

Too Fucking Hot

Rain fell in heavy, wet drops that rebounded off the pavement and splashed back down. Another blistering Chicago summer day had given way to a sleepless night, air so thick and hazy it was hard to breathe. A white flash lit the sky, followed seconds later by a rumbling boom in the distance. Jenna sat […]

My Wife’s BBW Friend

My name is Rick and I’m a BBW man. I’ve been married to my gorgeous wife Veronica for over 8 years now. We have a fantastic relationship and enjoy having parties at our house with friends and family. I’ve never wanted to cheat on my wife, but this story is about how one of my […]

How Would I Make You Cum?

How would I make you cum? Were alone in the bedroom and have all the time in the world. I start by holding you close and slowly run my hands over your body, caressing and stroking you whilst I gently kiss your lips and neck. I kiss you with my tongue so that I feel […]

A Date for the Prom

To the friend I never met, for what might have been, this tale is dedicated. It began last spring. I knew my grades were good enough for my scholarship, except for my English. I needed an A and at the moment was heading for a poor B at best. Mom and Dad knew I was […]

Wife’s Niece

It had been a week that I had been looking forward too for a while. I would have the house all to myself as the wife and kid would be gone visiting family out of town. I was planning on doing a few thing that I had put off for a while, but that all […]

A Girlfriend Shared

*For those who have been following any of my stories, you may have noticed a penchant for public nudity, exhibitionism, nudism, and so forth. That is and will always be my first and foremost genre. This story is a change of pace. I’m going outside my zone and I’m writing a different kind of story. […]

Have Pussy, Will Travel

“Ms. Johnson, Mr. Drake will see you now; follow me, please.” A gorgeous redhead set aside the magazine she’d been reading, rose, and strolled down one of the hallways that opened off of the room in which she, along with the other women, had been waiting to have her name called. Half way down the […]

Gina’s First Facial

Gina was my first serious girlfriend in college and the woman who helped me learn to be the sick fucker I am now. When we met she was a good Catholic girl who was waiting until marriage to put out, but that didn’t last long. I resisted dating her at first, trying to respect her […]

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