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Husband Swaping

Neha and I had been married for over fifteen years. The first six years we spent catching up on all the sex we thought we’d missed out on while we were both single. Our lovemaking had become pretty much unexciting and routine. Sure, we’d tried a lot of various positions and explored our desires. We […]

Swap Girls

The homecoming game was a few days away. The senior class was working on a float at the head cheerleader’s house. Everyone was gathered in the backyard or in the garage. Most everyone was drinking something. Only about a dozen of the students were actually doing any work. I wasn’t one of them. I only […]

Real Indian Swapping Confessions

Ketan Gupta is 34. Puja Gupta is 30. No kids. Married for five years now. They live in Bangalore while Nikhil and Sumedha Srivastava, the couple with whom they swapped, traveled all the way from Pune. The hook up was arranged via a popular messenger. Certain pictures were exchanged through mail between the men. A […]

Wife Groped At Movies

This goes back to when we were first married, when we were both 22. In our first year, I was in grad school and my wife was working as a nurse. I had a light day on Tuesdays so my wife took Tuesdays as one of regular days off. It was great at first. We […]

We Become Swingers

I have always found it very erotic to see my wife riding a big cock up her pussy. I especially like to see a big, black cock pounding her tight, pussy while she moans and screams from the pleasure she is receiving from it. But the first five years Amy was conservative when it comes […]

My Wife’s Only Gangbang

We have been married for 15 years and with three kids it is hard to get alone as often as we did when we were first married. We are moderately conservative people who enjoy a good dinner, friends, and a good bottle of wine. In January of last year we had an opportunity to arrange […]

Shy Wife Fucks Stranger for Husband

I suppose this story starts with the love of my life; my sweet wife, Claire. She is truly the most amazing woman I have ever met. Everybody loves Claire. And aside from being a great wife and mother to our three kids, she also has an amazing libido- always eager to have sex. She is […]

Swingers Sauna

I have been living outside Melbourne for the past 9 months, I fly down pretty regularly. On my last trip, I decided to go to this Swingers Party, in Elsternwick. It was a mixed Bi Night. I wanted to try something new, and thought Why not, I will give it a shot.. The night there […]

Couples Dance and Swap

It started as a bit of a flirt between very good friends. Dancing with each others spouses, we graduated from some rock ‘n roll to smooch. I was with Maggie’s husband Todd and she with my David. We looked across at each other and smiled a reassuring grin of confidence because we all knew each […]

Tami’s Cuckolding

The other afternoon, I felt the need to get dressed up. My wife knows of this affliction of mine. She doesn’t like it, but she tolerates it. I thought I would make us a special dinner of a roast chicken and dressing. Since it takes a couple of hours to prepare, she decided she needed […]

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