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A Cuckold for the Night

I had gotten ready for an evening with Diane. We had talked that morning before work about our plans for the evening. She had asked me what I would like to do this evening and I told her that I was not going to make the plans tonight that I was leaving that entirely up […]

Wife Swap

We have some new neighbours, Jan and Steve. They’re friendly enough, I guess. Jan is cute. She blonde and in her early twenties. Very early. Steve is somewhat older, around thirty. Personal opinion, he caught her while she was still young and naïve. Not hard to do because my assessment of her is that she’s […]

Loving Wife Or A Cuckolding Slut?

I’m Dave I’d been a bit of a lad on the side; fucking any woman I fancied who’d accommodate me. Because of this I had had a vasectomy, I hadn’t wanted to have unplanned sprogs complicating matters. I also had a voyeuristic desire to watch my wife being screwed by other men, but she’d have […]

Swapping With Friends

“I don’t know if I’m ready for this at all!” Maribeth hugged her husband. “You’ll be back later to do the same thing to me,” Ron kissed her gently, “I’ll be ready for you!” She returned the kiss with a tight hug, followed by, “I’ll save the best for you!” then walked down the hall […]

Watching My Wife With A Young Guy

My wife Bridget and I have been married now for over 20 years and in that time had a fairly normal and quiet existence. The children are now 22 and 20 years old and both recently left home, leaving us with lots of time on our hands together. For many years I have fantasized about […]

Our First Soft Swing

Before I start you have to understand that neither my husband nor I had any intention or even conversation about swinging before this vacation. We are married now for 10 years and have two kids. As most couples with kids after a family vacation there wasn’t much time or money left over for just a […]

The Happy Cuckold

I am a panty wearing, cock-sucking cuckold and I love every minute of it. I used to be all macho and thought I was God’s gift to women. But, fortunately for me, my wife showed me the error of my ways. When I was at College I did what most red-blooded young men do – […]

Wifes First Interracial Swing

This is a true story. I’ve done my best to remember words said. This is the first part of a story recounting the most memorable night my wife and I had at a swing club. I knew this past Saturday night was going to be a memorable one, but I had no idea just how […]

Wife Makes a Cuckold

I could see Jan was troubled when she walked in the door. For one thing, she was dressed in a manner I had not seen for some thirty five years. She had on a short, all leather black skirt, and a rather sheer, almost see-through blouse. As she stood before me I was troubled by […]

She Wanted to Swap

Chuck sat at his desk in his den. He was staring at his blank computer screen as he tapped on the keys even though it was off. That was ok because he was not typing words. He was drumming his fingers on the keys. He was just thinking of the fight he had with Liz. […]

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