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Bisexual Swapping Fun

My wife and I have been married for 8+ years now. Last summer, we had been planning on spicing up our sex lives by trying a little swinging. We even went as far as joining a web site and had corresponded with an interested couple. Unfortunately, though, my wife got cold feet and backed out […]

A Trip to the Nudist Beach

Thought I’d tell you about our recent that happened recently whilst holidaying in Gran Canaria. First though let me tell you something about us. We are both in our early thirties and married for several years. We have quite a good sex life together and both of us are faithful to one another and love […]

Gang Banger Slut

Now I love a big black prick as much as the next white woman, but when the six men, or should I say nearly men, holding guns, and knives somewhere on their person that were attached to those pricks, and directing their anger at my presence in their territory, well it can be somewhat disconcerting. […]

Cuckold for Life

My current way of life started 3 years ago when I met my future wife. I was teaching 12th grade history when the most stunning girl I had ever seen walked into my class. Her name was Lynn and she had just turned 18. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was […]

Innocent Slutty Girlfriend

I knew my girlfriend was innocent, I knew she hated to say no and I knew she loved the attention. She was the kind of girl growing up who everyone knew was sweet and cute and innocent. But this only turned her into the kind of girl growing up who wanted to do the nastiest […]

My Wife Enjoys a New Hobby

I’m your basic suburban family man with a loving wife and two teenage children. To an outsider, our lives appear the classic “Leave it to Beaver” picture of domestic tranquility; nice house in the suburbs, good jobs, great kids, Sunday afternoon barbecues, and white picket fences. But in the bedroom, our sex life has recently […]

Cuckold – The Wive’s Tale

The following story contains creampie, watersports and cuckold themes, if its not for you then please choose another story (no offence taken). Still here – good! I hope you enjoy – I did! The wives tale: First of all, I do love my husband, and I’m not a bad person (least I don’t think so […]

Making a Cuckold

Brandi spoke nervously to her friend Jessica before she hung up the phone, “you’re sure this will work?” Jessica understood her friend’s fears, ever since they had begun discussing this plan of action. Jessica knew that Brandi was just starting to explore the depths of female dominance, and she knew that Brandi was worried about […]

A Husband and Wife’s Love of Sharing

Early into my second marriage, my wife, Lynn and I began to open up more about your past sex lives. While having sex, we each felt much braver, found it much easier to blame it on the moment. I learned that my wife liked to read spicy paperback novels in bed. When I came to […]

Ultimate Birthday Blow Job

It’s Friday night, the kids are away and it’s your birthday. I have been teasing you all week about your birthday present as you told me not to spend much money. Well, what I had in mind wasn’t going to cost anything but some well needed time alone with you. I wanted to be the […]

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