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Cuckolding my Husband

My name is Katie, and I’m mid-forties, married, with two grown daughters and a lovely husband, Jeff. My Jeffrey is a warm, loving, easygoing sort of guy that has never had a problem giving in to me when I am serious about something. He lets me call the shots, as it were, and now looking […]

Cuckold Humiliation

My wife was in a dancing mood so she suggested we meet up with a girlfriend of hers and go to one of the clubs downtown. My wife is a gorgeous dominant 26 year old brunette with a firm toned ass, tanned stomach and beautiful rack. She put on a black leather miniskirt, tall black […]

A Married Wife’s Submission

It seemed like forever since I had played with my submissive. But just as much as I enjoyed making sweet slow love where she begged me for more, part of me craved role playing with the woman I loved, dominating her and controlling her sexually. We must have both wanted it that day. I opened […]

Hubby’s Wish

My husband Tommy and I have always been a very open and honest couple. Our honesty extends to all aspects of our marriage including our sex life. We always take the time to share our fantasies with each other and make every effort possible to help the other person’s fantasy come to life. My name […]

A Wife’s Party

I read with interest, and no small amount of excitement, other stories posted here involving the “violation” of wives by more than one man with the husband’s consent. I can relate a similar experience my wife Gill and I had a few years ago. We went to a party with a couple of friends of […]

A Pregnant Tale

It was a typical neighborhood party, with the people clustered in pre-ordained groups, one group talking football, another gardening, soccer moms in the family room and the do-it-yourselfers in the dinning room. Since I work swing shift I had arrived a little after midnight and had a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately, I […]

Caught by My Wife

I travel every week for work; love to wear lingerie; get a huge thrill out of anal penetration and being restrained; and my greatest excitement comes from subbing to my wife…now. Her biggest thrills and greatest orgasms come from taking my fantasies and making them into realities with her personal twists. She has not always […]

Another Man

Nervously, Stan waited in his living room, waiting for his coworker Darnell to show up. 35 years old, he was 6′ tall, just a little out of shape, thick blonde hair and blue eyes. Upstairs, Stan’s wife Maria was finishing her make-up and also nervously glancing out the window waiting for Darnell. Under her short […]

Revenge Of The Cuckold

Revenge: a dish best served cold, or eaten cold? I can never quite remember. Whatever. One thing was certain, though; revenge on my cheating wife was what I wanted and revenge was what I was going to get! No longer would I be the cuckolded husband, no longer would I be the last to find […]

Exposed Wife

I had been living with my wife for over a year. She was quite tall and slim and pretty too. Very sexy, very smart, but best of all, she loved to party. Being in a huge city, bars, people and music were never hard to find. Sitting at a bar drinking beer was one of […]

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