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My Wife, the Cum Slut

Shelly always maintained that the best part of sex was the gooey feeling that a load of fresh cum left between her legs. “Hmm, I can feel it squish round inside my cunt and then start to run down my thighs,” she would say after a good seeing to. I always maintained that the best […]

How I Shared My Wife…

How I Shared My Wife With My Best Friend My story is about my wife and my best friend and what happened this summer. My story is a bit unlike the ones I read on the Internet. My monogamous wife of many years didn’t just all the sudden see a friends penis and find she […]

Sister-In-Law Swap

I’m writing this with 5 days to go on a remarkable vacation. The situation is just too good to believe…You see I’ve always had a thing for my sister-in-law, a big-breasted girl 15 years my wife’s junior. My wife Jane is a beautiful lady in her mid fifties who can easily pass as my daughter. […]

Wife’s Birthday Present

It was my wife’s 35th Birthday. One of the gifts was a beautiful new watch. The other was a special evening I had planned for us. This evening would be one she’d remember for years to come. A little background information on my wife and I. My wife’s name is Lisa. She is a beautiful […]

A Wife That Watches

It all started with my wife and I confessing to each other our fantasies. My wife’s name is Louise. Louise and I were talking one night and we wanted to tell each other our deepest, darkest secrets. So, I admitted to her that some of my first sexual experiences were with another guy. She seemed […]

Wife Wants Black

After reading several of my stories a Literotica member emails me to share her interracial experience. She asks me to pen her true story. Enjoy! Wife Reads Too Many Interracial Stories Like many women, I privately read erotic stories and find great pleasure in the experience. I have found that interracial stories get me the […]

Married White Slut

It had been a long day at my new job as a receptionist for Angelino Cosmetics. A long day in a week of long days after my husband had been laid off from his high paying job at General Motors. Word had it that the lay-off was only temporary, and would last no longer than […]

Wife’s Slut Adventure

“Tonight?” I questioned as I spoke into the phone. “Yeah, Big Buddy. I land at 7:30 tonight. Terminal 1, flight AC722. It’s been a while! Looking forward to it.” he said as I gathered my thoughts. He being Kevin. A customer of mine who works for a large company located in the oil patch. “OK,” […]

A Cuckold Evening

The following is a true account of one of many wife-sharing adventures that we have had over the years. A short history: I have been sharing my wife for over ten years. Her chief playmate is a co-worker of mine. Since we cannot play at the home of either party, we get together every few […]

A Cuckold is Seduced

The email arrived today. My heart had been beating frantically ever since I opened it. My lips moved as I read it in silence off the screen: We will meet in public first. You will keep your mouth shut as your wife and I discuss what will happen between the three of us. We will […]

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