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My Wife’s Secret Fantasy

The old saying “you never really ever know some one” is quite true when it comes to my wife Debbie. Debbie has always seemed to come up with new surprises to keep our marriage stimulated and adventuresome. As I’ve recently found out though she seems to have been keeping some things to herself. Debbie was […]

Four in a Bed

Jason and I were best pals since high school, and we did pretty much everything together: school, summer jobs, partying, sports, etc… But there was a big difference: Jason was a “ladies man”. When we went to a party or a night club looking for girls he was always the “lucky” one. As soon as […]

Fucked Senseless In My Own Kitchen

“I can see that you want me to fuck you!” All I could do was gasp an unconvincing rebuff as his broad and handsome face closed to mine, sharp blue eyes twinkling with lust and confidence looked into mine. I backed up until I felt the kitchen units to my bottom, I was trapped. I […]

Wife’s Cali Fun

It was fifteen years ago, and the memories of that night still make my dick hard. My wife and brother and I had moved to California, and rented a bungalow in Venice. My brother and I immediately met up with a group of partying people and spent our days and nights out, leaving my wife […]

First Nude Time with Another Couple

Growing up I spent a lot of time nude I have been sleeping nude since I was a teenager. My family members were not nudists but I sure was. During my first marriage, I spent a lot less time nude than I would have liked but after my divorce I spent a lot more time […]

Wife Makes Me A Cuckold

Note: This story is about a loving wife who has a friend who plays and is jealous of her. She finds out her husband has a fantasy about her with other men and she fulfills his wish by cuckolding him. There is a lot of emphasis on creampies, panty play and impregnation. If you aren’t […]

Viagra Cuckold

I am a submissive male that loves my wife very much. I was put on this earth to serve her. She is very kinky and likes to try all kinds of sexual fantasies on me. Her new thing now is to make me take Viagra. So she can see how many different ways she can […]

Making My New Wife a Slut

I made my wife into a slut. It took nearly a year, but now she fucks anyone I want, anywhere I want, and anytime I want. Vicki wasn’t always a slut, but she wasn’t shy, either. When I met her she had just turned forty, but looked more like thirty. I was six years older […]

My Wife’s Shocking Request

As a young Assistant Program Director for the Botanical Gardens in our city, I arranged to have a choral group from a Lutheran college sing on Christmas Eve. It was at that event when I first met my wife-to-be. Her beauty struck me. She was lead singer for the choir and had a lovely voice. […]

My Lovely Wife

We had been happily married for more than 15 years and with three kids. The sex life was superb in every way. At an early stage in our marriage, my wife Pat even gave me anal sex, even though it hurt her to do it. But she wanted me to experience every thing sexually with […]

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