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Wife at Costume Party

My wife, Amy and I had gotten an invitation for a masquerade party at my best friends house. We talked it over and decided it would be a great time and set out trying to decide what costumes we would wear. I decided to go as a Gladiator and my wife opted for a Cleopatra […]

Push Me, Pull You!

Life is pretty good these days. The kids are old enough to virtually look after themselves, and business is booming. I manage my own real estate agency, and Steve works full time as well. We are fortunate enough to be able to holiday together each year, and I have just bought a new, sexy Mercedes […]

A Very Seductive Couple

Ben and Ann had perfected their scam quite nicely. They were on their way to yet another win. They relished their successes. Ann was about to capture her next victim. Patti, aged 45, was a bit older than Ann, perhaps by fifteen years, but trim and fit, rather pretty, although she seemed to keep herself […]

The Naive Wife

I’ve been married to Ben for seven years and sometimes I wonder how I’ve managed to stay with him and not go crazy. He’s a good man and he takes very good care of me. You might even say that he puts me up on a pedestal, but he has what is, to me anyway, […]

Doing the Naughty on the Night Shift

My wife, Cheryl, works as a RN at the same hospital where I am head of security. She volunteered about three months ago to move to the night shift on the maternity ward. I wasn’t crazy about it, but the extra money was nice. About 2 weeks into the new routine I noticed that she […]

Diary of a Married Slut

I woke very groggy at first. My head was banging from all the alcohol I had consumed at the party. A huge pressure was also pinning my body to the bed. Trying to raise my head, the pounding became so intense that I dropped my head back onto the pillow and cringed until it dulled […]

Our True Marriage Life

I fell in love and married Julie, my beautiful wife who is now 31, and who is beautiful and charming in every way. She has a very sexy body, great legs and long reddish-brown hair. Our sex life has always been good as Julie is very passionate. After a year of marriage, I rekindled my […]

My Wife Betty’s First Adventure

Betty is an English teacher at the local High School. I’m a project manager at a nearby manufacturing plant. We were both in our mid twenties and had been married a few years when this event took place. Before we were married, we had sex with each other as well as with a few friends, […]

Innocent Indian Wife

The big cock was pounding my wife’s shaved pussy like there is no tomorrow, the young stud had her knees on his shoulders, would go all the way out, just leaving his big head in her pussy, her pussy lips would stretch all the way around his thick shaft, he would then pound it all […]

Wife’s First Interracial Massage

April and I have been married for 7 years and our sex life has been strained since the birth of our first child. One of the fantasies I have had for us is to see her pleased by a big black cock. I found the way for this to happen and here is how it […]

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