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My Wife Likes To Give Handjobs

My wife and I flew into Minneapolis to attend a party. It was a dinner for the wedding guests and a joint bachelor/bachelorette party for some friends of ours who were getting married. They were swingers and were known to be a bit wild and a lot of friends didn’t go for this reason, or […]

My Husband’s Secret Desire

I was still breathing deep as I heard the shower come to life. My body twitched from the intensity of my orgasm. It was 6:30 in the morning, Douglass had to go to work, and I hated that. I felt as if I could spend the entire day fucking him in every way possible. After […]

She Smiles When She Swallows

My wife has the most beautiful behind in the world. I guess you could call it an apple bottom, although that is by no means enough to describe just how perfect her sweet ass really is. Those twin firm orbs, that smooth velvety skin. Oh my. I wish you could see it right now, she’s […]

Wildlife, Wild Wife

I earned this vacation. It had been over a year since my divorce, and since that time I had turned from being a bitter man to one who was truly enjoying life again. The change in jobs plus the unexpected single life had helped transform me, and so, while tasting a local brew, looking out […]

Wife Poses Nude for Fantasy

I finally worked up the nerve to tell her one of my fantasies. Most married men are unwilling to open up with their wives about their fantasies. I guess is involves some fear of rejection and possible the fact that many married women are simply not interested in pleasing their husband. I am convinced that […]

Wife’s First Nudist MMF

Before I start let me tell you a little about my wife Judy. She is petite, only five feet. But, she is very shapely. She is 110 pounds and has 34C tits. We were invited by friends to stay at a nudist resort. We had a great day in the sun and later had dinner […]

Hot Wife Orgy

I’m a shy, introvert, smaller-than-average endowed husband with a beautiful, extrovert, larger-than-average busted wife. We had fantasized for years about bringing other people into our sex life before we actually took the plunge. We decided that we would attend a swingers club in a neighboring town that a friend of Shelley’s had told her about. […]

The Bikini

My wife and I recently took a cruise to Jamaica for our 5th wedding anniversary. Sara has sandy blond hair, 36 DD breasts, a latin ass and legs to die for. I was so proud of the way she kept herself in shape. I couldn’t take her anywhere without men and women doing a double […]

The Wife’s First Cock

It was one very hot and exciting night, when my wife decided to let me hear about when she first had her hottest earliest experience with a big black Dick. We had just finished an extremely hot night of fucking. Where she had gotten so hot when we had put a really hot and sticky […]

Wife, Her Cousin, and Old Boyfriend

Three years ago, I’d encouraged my wife Marilyn, then 25, to date others. Although reluctant at first, she relented after a few months. I have no interest in seeing other women. I guess you could call me a watcher. My wife says, with a gracious laugh, that I’m a “cuckold.” I’m just four and a […]

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