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A Surprising Shower

You know, I’ve had some real surprises in my life, but this one definitely tops the list. I had a long, arduous day at work, and I really needed to relax. Normally, I’d just head off to the gym and throw the iron around while listening to loud music, but not today. I was too […]

My Wife’s Anal Cherry

“You want to do what you were talking about?” I didn’t understand what my wife Carrie was talking about at first. Or at second, for that matter. She was lying next to me on the bed, her head turned away, as I re-read the latest boy wizard book in an attempt to lull myself to […]

Farting During Anal Sex

Folks, I have something to confess. I simply cannot keep it locked inside me anymore. It’s tearing me apart, eating me alive from the inside out and I must uburden my soul. And I am not the sort of man easily given to confessionals. I have been called a sociopath in the past because I […]

Rachael’s Ass

I rolled over to the sound of the bedroom door opening. Knowing who it was before I completely opened my eyes. My dick stirred in my boxers, I knew what was coming. “Did you have a good time tonight?” I asked Rachael. “Yes Daddy!” She replied, “I was the ‘strap on’ girl tonight.” Rachael had […]

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