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Anal Album

I was going to put this up for the Valentine’s Day Contest but, after taking a good look, decided that it really isn’t in the spirit of that contest. The valentine’s references in this piece are spurious rather than an integral theme. So, here it is, a rehash of an old theme; a photographer taking […]

Fuck my Dirty Asshole

My husband and I both LOVE anal sex. And when I say we love it, I know that I can’t get enough of it and he’s an anal enthusiast to say the least. If I had my way, I could take a dick in my ass every day, twice a day if I had the […]

A Butt Fantasy

The village clock struck 4am as Tim and Sue arrived back at their holiday apartment on the Greek Island of Kalymnos. ‘Gosh, I’m bushed’ said Sue as she fumbled the key into the lock. ‘Or drunk’ laughed Tim, taking the key from her and opening the door with ease. As they entered the darkened apartment, […]

Anal and Enema

I awake to the familiar warm wet feeling of Mara’s mouth toying and licking my limp dick as she plays under the covers of our bed. She likes to wake me up like this; it pretty much guarantees that I wake up in a good mood. I pretend that I’m still asleep so she will […]

Eating Donna’s Ass

I don’t know how long I have been wanting to eat the ass one of my co-workers down at the law firm. Her name is Donna and she must be around her late thirties, making her about ten years my senior. Despite our difference in age, I have always been intrigued by her gorgeous ass. […]

He Fucks My Virgin Ass

We had been lovers for at least six months. I loved his demanding passion, and he clearly loved my neediness. We usually fell into each others arms the moment he walked through the door, and most of the time we were screwing long before we made it to the bedroom. The sofa and chairs in […]

Jackie’s First Anal

I don’t quite remember when I started to become attracted to Jackie. When she first moved in, she was just another roommate, and I figured she’d be gone in a few months. But as the months wore on, we began hanging out quite a bit. That is, whenever her extremely jealous boyfriend wasn’t around. She […]

Anal Slut for a Day

Sarah woke up to the phone ringing at 8:00am on Saturday morning. “Hello,” she mumbled into the mouthpiece. “Good morning Sarah,” a deep masculine voice greeted her. She immediately woke up, sitting up in bed. “Good morning Sir,” she replied. She was a weekend sex slave and usually was at her Master’s house by now […]

Anal Neighbour

Leonora moved in next door to us in the summer of 1972. I was 20 at the time and our new neighbour was a ripe, finely mature forty-five years young. I was in lust from the moment I first saw her and that first sighting actually took my breath away. It wasn’t until my brain […]

A Fuck In The Butt

It was one of those moments. We’ve all had them. They come from nowhere and before you know it you’re doing things that you always said you wouldn’t. No, by God, would he ever get me to do that! Colin and myself had just had a shower. Separately. He went first whilst I made a […]

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