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Andy’s First Anal Adventure: Lisa

Hi, I’m Andy, and I’m just a regular guy who has been blessed with strong powers of persuasion. I’ve got a quality, I guess. I apparently know what women want to hear, and, more importantly, I can say it with conviction. Women will respond to flattery even if they know it’s bull, but they prefer […]

I’m An Ass Licker

Damn, that is embarrassing to write. But the fact is that, well, no matter how you slice it, I am an ass licker. But I am getting ahead of myself. I guess you could say it started about a year ago when I hired Brittany as my assistant. In the old days you might have […]

Butt, Balls & Pitts

As I laid naked on the soft King sized bed, a trickle of sweat ran down my back and raced for the crack of my ass. Everything felt hot. The sheets were hot, the pillow was hot, and more importantly, I was hot. ‘It’s a dry heat,’ is all I heard from the locals, but […]

Just What My Ass Needs

I am kneeling in front of you. Your hand cups my cheek as you tell me that you love me. Your hand moves to raise my chin so that I am looking into your blue eyes. You tell me that it is time…time to remind me of my role, time to show your devotion, and, […]

Christine’s First Anal

Christine and Maria were driving to a party Maria was invited to by one of her co-workers. Christine is an 18 year old cute white girl with long blond hair which she wore braided into pigtails. Maria is a couple of years older, Mexican, on the thin side and has shoulder length black hair. “Who’s […]

Megan’s Ass

I dated Megan off on during the summer of 1998 and 1999. She was a beautiful girl with amazing eyes, an ass that just screamed grab me and a pretty face. She was not blessed in the boob department, probably being no bigger then a 32 B, but being an ass man that never bothered […]

Andy’s Anal Adventures

Jill couldn’t climax. That was too bad for her, definitely, but I never let it bother me all that much. I mean, I tried. Hard. I’d go down on her until she nearly hyperventilated, but it just didn’t happen. I think it was her breathing. I’d eat her and she’d gasp in short, panting bursts […]

Allison’s Anal Adventure

Not all people can honestly claim that they love their job. Not everyone is really excited to be at work each morning. You see I enjoy every bit of mine. I am Dr. Joseph Scott, MD in Proctology. In short I am an ass doctor. And that is what makes my occupation exciting. Different women, […]

Lucy and the Black Men

As Lucy pulled into the driveway at Marg and Paula’s home, she could feel the slick spot on the seat beneath her bare vagina, she quickly checked her make up to ensure she looked desirable for her mistresses. As per usual she had a moment of apprehension before getting out of the car to go […]

Lisa’s Asshole Exposed On Camera

Ralph had been a long-time friend of mine for the past 7 years. Guys being guys, we had discussed everything from sports to sex. Then one evening as we were sitting at a brewpub having a beer, Ralph wistfully revealed his desire to anally fuck his wife’s sexy asshole! Geez, Ralph’s explicitly revealing comment was […]

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