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Annie’s Anal Fun

Regular readers will know about my Annie’s amazing arse and how much I love to take advantage of it. Some months ago I had to abandon my idea of taking her more into the BDSM lifestyle (of which I’ll write more another time). But while I am now restricted to an occasional light spanking Annie […]

That Sweet White Ass

I had met Ryan through a friend; another fuck buddy actually. I was recently divorced and after years of sexual repression, I was finally at thirty-five sowing the wild oats that most people do in their twenties. The last fifteen years had been about being the good Christian wife; a role which I found stifling […]

Massage With a Very Happy Ending

I’ve always liked massage, especially the sensuous kind. Stroke and caress me and I’m like putty. I had found that the massage part of the activities at massage parlors was lots of fun for me, perhaps more so that the so-called happy ending part. The sexual part always seemed so much like a business transaction. […]

The Nasty Train Conductor

I had just sat down in my night-compartment when the conductor came to check my ticket. She was a beauty, about 5″2′ with a slim waste and a beautiful tan. She had on one of those train-attendant skirts that showed of much of her great legs not to mention her perfectly shaped ass. “Thank you” […]

Teaching My Wife’s Ass

We’ve been talking about this for several weeks now. You were very cute in the beginning. You were so nervous and didn’t want to admit it to me. Finally you come clean. You want to have sex with another man. I was more then a little shocked. Shock quickly turned into excitement. Our emails for […]

Teenager’s Ass

Darren Lyons was quite surprised when he answered his doorbell and beheld Jennifer, a friend of his daughter there. The two young women had graduated from high school together the and were currently in the their second year at a local community college, so the visitor should have known her friend would not be home. […]

My Girlfriend’s Ass

She was asleep on the couch, she was just laying there, beautiful as ever. I stared at her, like it was the first time I had seen her. Sometimes she just looked so vulnerable and so innocent. I ran my hand down her face, sometimes I just wanted to corrupt it. I got on the […]

Fuck My Ass!!

I’ve been horny since I got my first period, sometime in the last century. As my tits got bigger they became a greater source of pleasure for me. From 13 to 16, I was always willing to make out with boys and let them feel me up. I got laid for the first time when […]

Buttfucked Twice in One Day

Mum rings and asks me round for brunch, saying it would be nice to catch up. I hesitate ‘cos I’m having a morning lying in bed. Gavin has gone to his Saturday golf. Before he went we had our usual Saturday morning fool around in bed, and this time he insisted on doing me in […]

I Fucked My Ex-Wife Up Her Ass…

I Fucked My Ex-Wife Up Her Ass On Our Wedding Night! This is about the first time I fucked a woman in her ass. I did it to my ex-wife on our wedding night!! Before we got married, we were screwing on a regular basis. Whether I fuck her doggy style or she is in […]

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