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A Hot Day In The Shower

You know, when my wife told me she’d let our ‘granny flat’ to a student she’d met at the beauty salon I was annoyed. I like my privacy, and we didn’t need the money. Things didn’t improve when you arrived either. You acted like you owned the place – noisy, untidy – I felt as […]

Give Me What I Want

Josh and I met at one of those terrible company picnics that employees are obligated to attend. He was dutifully manning a grill on the opposite side of the park and I was chugging down alcohol trying my best to be the first drunk under the pavilion. After two hours of chit-chat with co-workers that […]

Front Lawn Butt Sex

I was pissed off. More pissed off than I could ever remember being. I wanted to kill him, put his neck between my fingers and squeeze until I felt better. I wanted to curl up with Ben, Jerry, and Cherry Garcia until it didn’t hurt anymore. I couldn’t believe it, how could he? What was […]

Ten Inches in My Ass

My best friend Lara arranged a double blind date for us. We were meeting for drinks at some ultra trendy bar and then if all went well we would head over to an equally trendy club. I was all for it until I found out that the dates were made over the Internet. No photos […]

Neighborhood Whore

“What the fuck is this?!” It was the scream heard round the world, or at least around the apartment complex. “Answer me young lady!” The voice was that of fifty three year old Gwendolyn Veracruz who lived in the apartment directly above mine. Gwendolyn was an avid church attendee and seldom user of the profane […]

Bet Your Ass

Max’s thighs were bigger than both of Yuri’s legs put together, the sculpted limbs spattered with a thin layer of blonde hair. He wore a pair of white briefs beneath, but they did little to hide the completely erect organ beneath them. Staring at the manhood straining against the underwear, Yumi let out a little […]

Aaal-most Anal!

Addie anchored her naked arms on the edge of the sink with her cute, round behind aimed straight up at me. She pushed her feet back just a bit, spread her legs and dug in. “I’m as ready as I can be, handsome. Do it.” “Okay, but I warn you, I’ve never done this before,” […]

Anal Attraction

It has been many months since we first experimented with anal sex. Although you professed to enjoy it – after the initial pain and although I was very gentle and careful – I have been concerned about your safety and comfort so I haven’t broached the subject again. Besides, every time we make love, it […]

Taste of her Ass

Since starting my first professional job a few weeks ago, I had quickly begun an intimate relationship with an associate director at the firm, a tall, broad-shouldered and grey haired man who was at least thirty years my senior. At nineteen years old and very naïve, I hadn’t considered the implications for my career the […]

A Touching Tale of Hardcore Anal

You’re going to make me take a cab from the airport wearing a short, black skirt, black garters belts, ruffled panties, and pigtails. I’m going to walk into your house and find you on the couch, but you’re going to tell me I can’t touch you because we’re going to play a game first. My […]

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