Carrie’s First Spanking

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“No Parker, I don’t like, I just don’t feel…”

“Lay back.” He ordered. He sat up on his knees and pushed her back forcefully, “Do I need to tie you up? Do I?” He shook her a little. She shook her head no. He returned to her pussy and began to lick it again. Carrie was silent for a long moment, fighting the pleasure she felt. She was too self-conscious to let any other guy ever do this.


“Carrie,” He sat up quickly grabbing her wrists and throwing them over her head, “Shut the fuck up.” He didn’t know if he was taking the role play too far, but he was frustrated as hell with her.

“I’m going to lick you pussy and I’m going to make you cum over and over again and you are going to like it. If you make me I’ll tie you up and then do it, is that what you want?” He tightened his grip on her wrists for emphasis. She shook her head and bit her lip, she looked so damn sexy: a little scared, a little turned on.

He slid down her body and began to work on her pussy. He spread her lips with his fingers and found her clit expertly. He rubbed his slowly and then let his tongue take over. He made crazy circles on her clit and let his fingers find her opening and push inside. He pushed gently at first and then harder. Urging her on, urging her to come.

“OH God Parker…OH, I’m going to cum…” Carrie moaned her body working against her. She felt her stomach flip and then she was cuming in Parker’s mouth. He loved it, sucking all of her juices into his mouth. He sat up watching her come down.

“That was just the beginning baby…

TO BE Continued

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