Carrie’s First Spanking

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She remembered the first time they met like it was yesterday…

Carrie sat at the bar alone watching her friends Matt and Eric pick up on girls. She took a big swallow of her beer and turned back to face the bar feeling like a loser. It wasn’t that she was jealous; Matt and Eric were like brothers to her, it was more that she was bored of her life. She hadn’t met a nice guy since god knows when, at least two years ago, and any time she did meet a guy he was only interested in sex. Carrie knew she was an attractive girl, 5’7, thin, medium sized boobs, dark brown skin, long, straight black hair; but it was getting obnoxious, she had to meet a guy who liked her for her; could really see her. She slouched a little. Her whole life she had been around white people and all her friends had been white, so by default she only liked to date white guys. There was just something about them. She looked down at what she was wearing tonight; a tight black sweater, short denim skirt and heels; trendy. She brushed the hair out of her face and sat up a little.

She didn’t feel the eyes on her from across the bar. Parker watched the beautiful girl sit and have the argument in her head over god knows what. He smiled to himself, she looked so serious and focused, an odd way to look at a bar. He finished his drink and stood up. Parker had never been short on confidence, his whole life he’d gotten what he wanted and girls were no different. He strolled casually over to the pretty black girl and moved close to the bar.

“Hey.” He smiled down at her. She looked up at him, her eyes opening wide almost in surprise. She looked even younger up close, he even wondered if she was legal. Parker himself was a solid 31. He lived alone, well with his dog Chester, but alone in terms of other people.

“Hi.” She smiled a little. A dazzling smile.

“Parker.” He extended his hand. He didn’t try to use a line on her, that wasn’t his style.

“Carrie.” She took his hand and he noticed how small and dark her hand looked in his large white one.

“You here alone?” He sat on the bar stool next to her.

“Nope, my friends are over there, picking up chicks.” She laughed a self conscious laugh and Parker wanted nothing more than to scoop her up and tell her it would be okay. He sensed sadness in her.

“Ah, so you’re like the wingman?”

She laughed and it was musical, “Yeah I guess I am.”

“So Carrie, what do you do?”

“As like a job?” She could have kicked herself; whenever she got nervous she slid back into California girl talk.

“Yes as a job.” He stifled a laugh.

“I work at a law office.” She shrugged.

“Is that what you want to do?”

“No, it’s not like my life goal or anything. I want to be a writer I think.” She smiled that same self conscious smile.

“Ah, and what do you want to write?”

“The next great American novel,” She laughed, “No not really. I don’t know, I like to write.” He smiled back at her, she was smart.

“What do you do?” She asked looking into his blue eyes for the first time.

“I’m a lawyer.” He smirked at her and she looked embarrassed,

“I didn’t mean working in law was boring or…”

“No, I know you didn’t.” He touched her arm gently and she felt a spark fly through her. Who was this guy?

“What kind of law?” She took a big sip of her beer.


“Ah, that’s big money.”

He laughed, “Yes it is.” He liked this girl, she was so funny and smart yet that sadness lurked right under the surface. She was very different than the women he usually met. They were busty blondes who he could take or leave, but this girl, there was something.

“So Parker,” He wanted to grab her right then and make her say his name again, he loved how it sounded out of his mouth, “you’re a big shot corporate lawyer and very handsome, what’s the catch? And why are you wasting your time with me?”

Parker finally got it. He got her. The sadness was self-consciousness and maybe a touch of unhappiness. She barely looked at him when she said the words and now she took another sip of her beer.

“Wasting my time? Hardly. You are a beautiful girl, you know that right?” He touched her chin and made her look at him. It was a forward gesture, but he felt like they were clicking.

“Thank you.” She murmured.

“Yo babe.” A young guy popped up on Carrie’s side, probably alerted by Parker’s forward move.

“Hey bud.” She turned to face the guy. He messed her hair up a little, dragging a rough boyish hand through her straight locks.

“Matty knock it off.” She looked instantly embarrassed at Parker.

“Hey dude.” Matt said to Parker.

“Hey.” Parker looked at Carrie who finished her beer.

“Parker Matt, Matt Parker.” She pushed her beer away, obviously finished.

“Dude, I think I’m going to take this chick home, you mind?”

“Nope. I can take a cab.” She winked at her friend.

“Carrie, babe, you are the best.” He kissed her check quickly and disappeared. She sighed. Her friends always did this; she needed to make some girlfriends.

“I know this is going to sound crazy but I could give you a ride home.”

Carrie’s intial reaction was to say a definitive no. This guy was a stranger, but there was something in him that made her say yes….

Now here she was three weeks into dating Parker. She had avoided sleeping with him in the last three weeks and she knew he was frustrated as hell, but she wanted the sex to be amazing with him. That night, Parker came over after work around 10. Carrie lived alone in a small studio and Parker insisted on coming there since his place, as beautiful as it was, was a mess.

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