Bridget’s Mouth

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“I don’t know,” I offered disingenuously.

“Oh come on,” she taunted. “Every guy has measured it. You might as well tell me. I already know it’s huge.” Somehow it seemed juvenile to admit to measuring myself, even though I had, especially after my first girlfriend’s neurotic reaction. I persisted in my denial.

“Then I’ll just have to do it myself,” she announced jumping off the couch. She skipped away and quickly returned with a seamstress’ measuring tape. The thought of her handling my cock again, and what that might lead to, outweighed any reservations I felt about her proposal, so that when she sweetly asked “May I?” I quickly answered “Help yourself.”

I was about three-quarters erect as Bridget knelt between my legs and tugged open my pants. “Oh my!” she said as she wrapped her hand around the stalk and pumped it slowly. She kissed it softly and licked around the head. “Jawbreaker,” she joked, but presently she popped the head back into her mouth and sucked until I was fully hard again. With a mischievous grin she picked up her measuring tape and stretched it out. “Let’s see,” she said in a mock serious tone, “if I measure along the side like this I get about, oh, ten inches long. And here,” she said wrapping the tape around the shaft just below the flared head, “about seven inches around. You oughta be in the movies,” she teased. She slowly pumped her hands up and down the length of my shaft. “What am I gonna do with you now?” she asked rhetorically. She answered her own question by stuffing her mouth full of my revived hardness and enthusiastically pumping her lips up and down the length of it. She rubbed her fingers over my bare chest as she sucked with an intense voraciousness. I tried to squirm around and reached for her enticing bottom, slipping a hand into her skimpy panties. She took her mouth off my cock long enough to say, “Mm Mm. Only my mouth,” and reached back to pull my hand out of her panties.

I was fully excited and settled back to enjoy what she would allow. Because had brought me to such a violent orgasm so recently, I stayed rigidly erect without nearing release. She worked on me intently for ten or fifteen minutes, rarely taking my turgid post from between her lips. Finally she paused and looked me intently in the eye. “My jaw is really getting tired!” she confessed. “Are you finished? Or are you holding back?”

“Holding back a little,” I admitted. “You said you didn’t like it on your face.”

“You’re sweet,” she said with a smile. “But do whatever you like.” Bridget put her mouth back on my penis and resumed pistoning the slick shaft in and out. Repeating her earlier performance she forced her throat down over the bulbous crown and this time rapidly bobbed her head up and down fucking me with the muscles of her throat. I instinctively reached out and pulled up her t-shirt. She began to moan as she allowed me to fondle her petite, firm breasts and stiff nipples. My cock plunging in and out of her throat turned her moans into oddly erotic liquid osculations. Suddenly my hips thrust up off the cushion and I began to spasm deep in her throat. She continued to briskly bob her head for another few seconds, then slowly withdrew my shaft until just the tip was between her lips. As I continued to climax she slowly sucked up and down the length of my shaft alternately taking the spewing end into her throat and then almost letting it slip free as slick rivulets of semen and salvia oozed around the seal of her pumping lips. When the geyser of semen abated she slipped her mouth free for a moment to swallow once then returned to slowly and thoroughly swallowing my softening member.

At last she let my corpulent tool slip from her lips. She snuggled up next to me on the couch and let me play with her nipples as the spilled semen cooled and dried on my shaft and balls. “I hope you’re finished now,” she said. “I don’t think my jaw can take any more.” I kissed her messy mouth and held her close. We continued to kiss gently and passionately. Gradually we both became quiet. We slept curled together on her couch for several hours. When I awoke she was climbing off the couch. We talked then for some time. She told me that she had enjoyed being with me, but she was still committed to her decision to leave me. She said that some day I would make some lucky girl very happy.

We shared a last kiss and although we kept in touch by phone call and letter for some time thereafter, I never again experienced the pleasure of Bridget’s unexpected oral lust.

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