Bridget’s Mouth

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I stroked faster and deeper. The harder I fucked her face the more Bridget moaned. I pulled out and she gasped for breath but reached instantly for my sloppy pole. Saliva dripped from her parted lips and my glistening shaft, coating the soft skin between her petite breasts. Levering my cock up against my belly, she kissed the tip and slid her lips down the shaft and swirled her tongue around my tightening balls. “Do you like me sucking your cock?” she gasped and pounced on my stalk again, forcing the head to the back of her mouth. She strained forward and I felt the crown press into the opening of her throat. Bridget gurgled incoherently as she slipped the thick, wet end of my prick in and out of her tender throat. She backed off slightly for a second and sucked air in around the meat filling her mouth and then again forced it back into her throat. She managed to impale herself around all but two or three inches at the root of my staff before she had to relent or gag. A heavy wad of saliva spilled from her open lips as she pulled my cock out of her mouth.

She gazed at my thoroughly spit-soaked and reddened erection for a moment, then studiously licked and sucked the head before treating me to several long, slow stokes, stuffing the head down her throat and engulfing more than half my length on each stroke. Finally she paused and I noticed that she had slipped a hand under her skirt. She closed her eyes and held my cockhead tightly between her lips while she shuddered and quietly climaxed. After a moment she opened her eyes and released my cock. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, “Sucking always gets me so hot. What makes you cum?”

I was almost too stunned to speak. Nothing in my experience had prepared me for this moment. “Uh, yeah. Okay,” I muttered stupidly. “Okay, what?” she laughed. “Usually a guy cums as soon as I do deepthroat. I hope you don’t want that. You’re just too big for me to really deepthroat all the way.”

“No.” I said. “It’s great; what you were doing. I just didn’t know you wanted me to cum.”

“Isn’t that what this is all about?” she asked innocently. She opened her mouth and sucked me quickly and shallowly for a few moments and then added, “Cum for me.” She resumed sucking, focusing her attention on exerting pressure with her lips and creating suction with her cheeks. She would pause and run her tongue over the sensitive glans just under the tip and then stroke me deeply in and out of her mouth. Knowing she wanted me to cum seemed to release some inner reservation and I felt cum begin to boil up into my shaft. Bridget seemed to sense it too. My cock grew even harder as she held her mouth wide open urging me to plunge it into her wet throat. I was holding her hair back and cradling the back of her head with both hands as I deeply fucked her, the flared helmet popping in and out of her throat with a liquid smack and her mouth quivering when I suddenly reached the point of no return. “I’m cumming!” I moaned. With a spasm of lust my bulging testicles blasted a thick wad of scalding semen against the back of her throat. Bridget suddenly backed off and slipped my spasming penis out of her mouth, wrapped her delicate fingers around my bucking shaft and held the head a fraction of an inch before her lips jacking me off in her face. A second immense wad of semen exploded from my engorged prick. It burst against her slightly parted lips, splashing into her hot mouth, and was immediately followed by two more thick gobs that splattered her right cheek, streaked her dark hair and spotted her forehead. The following squirt missed her face and struck the wall behind her head with an audible splat. She gagged slightly and coughed, cum and saliva dribbling out of her mouth as more of my fresh semen blasted against her neck and squirted over her parted lips. Then she rubbed her face against the twitching flesh of my cock and smeared the last several wads all over her lips, nose and chin.

Cum smeared her startled face and open lips as she looked up at me in surprise. “You cum big too!” she giggled. She reached up to encircle my still twitching shaft with her soft fingers. As it began to soften slightly she popped it back into her mouth and deeply sucked it, making me groan and jerk my hips. Pausing for a second she looked up at me. Freshly blasted semen dripped from her lips and oozed between her tits. She stuck out her pink tongue and licked the sloppy end of my organ, swirling her tongue under the sensitive tip making the shaft twitch and jump. She giggled again and leaned back on her heels. My cock hung thick, glistening and half-limp before her open lips, strings of slippery ejaculate and saliva connecting my throbbing penis to her messy mouth.

Bridget glanced down and exclaimed “Ooooo! My dress!” and quickly stood up to step out of the soft fabric bunched around her waist. She held her dress carefully away from her body with one hand as she stood before me. Splattered cum and saliva clung to her firm breasts and erect nipples, smeared down her abdomen towards her navel. A gooey mess of slippery gobs clung to her chin, her lips, her right cheek and across her nose. For a moment she allowed me to gaze at her perfect form clad only in very skimpy white string bikini panties, white heels, a gold choker necklace, and the results of my lust. Then she whispered, “I’ll be right back” and slipped away toward her bedroom.

I watched her move away, my head still swimming in an erotic fog. Slowly I gathered my wits enough to pull up my pants and move back into her living room to sit on the couch. In a few minutes Bridget came back to join me. She had pulled on a tiny, cropped white tee shirt that barely covered her pert breasts but left her flat belly and scantily clad bottom otherwise exposed. She had tied her hair back with a white satin ribbon and washed the slippery mess off her face. She had left on her white-heeled sandals. She kissed me deeply as she snuggled in next to me on the couch. My shirt was still open and she lightly caressed my skin and shyly whispered, “I hope you don’t think I’m a slut now. I don’t normally let a guy cum all over my face, you know.” She lightly caressed my tingling organ through the fabric of my pants with the palm of her small hand. She paused and looked down at her hand cradling my balls and bit her lower lip seductively. “You’re getting all aroused again already aren’t you,” she laughed. She traced her fingertips lightly up and down my shaft as it stiffened and lifted the front of my trousers. “You’re really an amazing size,” she whispered. “How big is it anyway?” she asked impertinently.

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