Bridget’s Mouth

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All during high school I pursued a beautiful, but overprotected Catholic girl who really had little or no romantic interest in me. This situation provided me with little opportunity to experience the kinds of sexual encounters I fantasized about, thus I was still rather naïve and inexperienced when the same beautiful girl was leaving my life for good several years after high school. We had kept in touch and even dated occasionally and at the age of 23 she was moving to the West Coast to study alternative medicine. We were enjoying a last date together and I pleaded my case to allow me one opportunity to consummate the great passion I had for her. Bridget fended off my advances, even when I suggested what I hoped was an irresistible offer to perform oral sex on her. I really thought she might find this prospect as great a temptation as I did, and I kind of figured if she didn’t have to do anything but enjoy, then maybe she would go along. But this too met with her gentle, but unwavering refusal.

As I was prepared to leave, feeling frustrated and defeated, she stood with me in the entry hall of her old downtown apartment and we shared a long smoldering kiss. As our lips parted I whispered one more time how desperately I needed to make love with her, taste her, lick her. She lay her head on my shoulder and sighed sadly. “You have shown me more love and gentleness than any man I’ve known, more than I’ve deserved, and I wish I could have returned it. But you’ve never really understood me.” She paused to study my expression from the fathomless depths of her wide brown eyes. “Has it ever occurred to you that I may not be the delicate, innocent child you imagine me to be? That I don’t want that? That I don’t want you begging to serve me?” She noted my hurt expression and quickly added, “No, I guess it wouldn’t. And yet, all that loyalty and love should not be completely unrewarded.” She kissed me quickly, then laughed softly and whispered, “I can’t give you what you’re asking for, but I think maybe I can do something you’ll like.”

Bridget teasingly unbuttoned my shirt, slid her fingers down my chest and began tugging at my belt. At this point I should probably explain that I had had one previous, rather disastrous romantic relationship, predictably with another young Catholic girl who, after much persuading, finally allowed me to perform cunnilingus on her but refused all other forms of sexual contact. After seeing me naked and aroused on one occasion, she proclaimed that I was abnormally well endowed and would cause her physical pain (and permanent harm) if she were to have sex with me. She succeeded in convincing me that I was something of a freak. For these reasons I was very self-conscious about my size, and totally unprepared for Bridget’s intentions.

Bridget fumbled my belt open and tugged down my fly. She kissed me and probed my mouth with her tongue while pushing my pants off my hips. My erection tented my black boxer shorts and throbbed against her belly. She gave a sexy laugh and whispered, “I think you like it already.” I would have been in paradise if she had grabbed on to my cock with her delicate hand and jerked me off, and I really was hoping for and expecting nothing more when she began to tug on the waistband of my shorts. I helped her push my shorts down and my fully rigid erection sprang upward. Bridget stared down at it for several long seconds and I heard her whisper under her breath, “Oh God!” She brushed her fingertips along the top of my shaft and lightly caressed the head making me throb harder than I already was. “It’s really huge,” she said wistfully.

“I guess,” I muttered. “Sorry,” I added, thinking her reaction would be similar to my previous girlfriend’s.

“Sorry? Why?” she asked, still lightly stroking her fingers along the length of the topside of my shaft. She ran her tongue up the side of my neck and whispered in my ear “I think it’s hot. You’re so hard. And so big.” Bridget slipped from my arms, gently kissed her way down my chest, and crouched in front of me. My bobbing erection brushed the warm skin of her cheek and she looked up at me to whisper, “I always wondered what it would be like to suck a really big one.” I stared incredulously and stupidly murmured “What?” She gave a sultry laugh and asked “Can I suck it?” and not waiting for an answer she began wetly kissing the head of my dick as she massaged my thighs with her hands. I thought I would blow my load the instant she began to circle the throbbing end of my cock with her soft pink tongue, but I closed my eyes and fought back the rushing in my loins. The sensations only increased and opening my eyes I looked down to see that Bridget had parted her lips and was shallowly admitting the flared crown of my erection into her hot mouth. She heard my heavy breathing and slipped my dick out her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft. She did this for several minutes, staring into my eyes while massaging my cock with her tongue and bathing the head in her warm saliva. “What do you like?” she moaned. Having no experience I also had no answer but to groan in agonized pleasure as she again opened her mouth and let the head sink past her lips.

Her teeth grazed the shaft as she pressed forward and several inches of my cock disappeared into her mouth. The knot holding her silky brown tresses fell loose and her hair spilled around her face and shoulders as she bobbed her mouth up and down my dick making it glisten with her wetness. My excitement surpassed mere arousal and I watched transfixed as she orally ingested more and more of my turgid pole. I felt my dick bump against the opening of her throat and she emitted a gurgling moan and slipped her mouth off my cock. A thick string of glistening saliva connected her lower lip to my throbbing organ and her lips were wet with spit and my oozing precum. She stroked my slippery tool with both hands and looking up at me said, “I never did this with one so big. Am I doing okay?”

“Oh god, you have to ask? Fantastic!” I answered, and repeating her question I asked, “What do you like?”

“Hmmmm. I love getting it in my mouth.” she purred. “I like a guy to put me in my place, and do it to me. You know. . . . . . fuck my mouth?” She paused and gently bit her lower lip while studiously assessing my organ. “But I’m not sure my mouth is big enough for you,” she said uncertainly and coyly added, “Wanna try? You wanna fuck my mouth?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My angel liked to be fucked in her mouth; was asking me to fuck her mouth. I found I was staring down at her in disbelief. “Still think I’m so innocent?” she teased and began to rub the sloppy end of my organ around her lips and cheeks. “Mmmmm, come on!” she taunted. “Fuck me!” I reached down and grasped the root of my dick with my right hand. I pushed Bridget’s hair from her face so I could watch her and she moaned “Oh yeah” as I gathered up a handful of her hair in my left hand and guided my twitching pole toward her open mouth. I pushed the helmet between her lips and she opened her mouth wide to accept my girth. Her tongue danced around the head until I pressed deeper in and began to slowly piston back and forth inside her mouth stretching her lips wider. I pulled free and saliva dribbled out of her open lips. “Like that?” I asked. “MmmHmm,” she moaned. “Fuck my mouth just like that!” I stuffed my cock back in her wet mouth and pumped the head between her lips. Bridget took her hands from my thighs and gazed innocently up into my eyes while I plugged her sweet lips full of my throbbing maleness. She reached behind her neck and untied the slender straps holding up the front of her low-cut dress and pushed the soft fabric away from her small, firm breasts. She cupped a breast in each hand and fondled her hardened nipples as I continued to pump her face with mounting intensity.

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