Bet Your Ass

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Max thrust deep and lifted them both with his final blow, their hips held inches over the leather seat as he moaned in time with her groans. He shot inside her, so deep inside her freshly taken anus, and Yumi’s second coming bled into a third orgasm when the hot cream sprayed in jets against the back wall where her inner pleasure center rested. Filling her with his seed, Max collapsed to the seat of the Mustang, Yumi collapsing on top of him with her body still convulsing through her ecstasy, her over stimulated slit gushing cream of her own onto his upper thighs again.

Somehow they managed to sneak back in after dressing, although Yumi imagined the football game was long over. The other guests had left, and Mr. Gillespie had retired to his bedroom to snore away his stupor. Yumi’s cheeks blushed when she felt Max’s hand pat the back of her skirt as she walked him to the door. Beneath her panties, she was still filled with the proof of their lovemaking, and she felt a tremor of her former passion as she thought about all that they had done. When they got to the front door, Yumi was suddenly shy. She didn’t want to seem forward, asking him to come over again sometime. Maybe it was better to leave it as a one-time event, a lunatic bet that ended out good for the both of them. Noting her sudden silence, Max grinned at her. “Princess, if you ever want to play poker again, give me a call.” Leaning forward, he kissed her roughly, letting her know he was interested in more, nipping her lower lip with his teeth. “Next time, I just might let you win.”

The End

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