Bet Your Ass

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Without warning, he pushed a single finger past the barrier of cotton, plunging into her. The lubrication made it possible to slide his finger in with a smooth motion. She was tight, so impossibly tight, and hotter than anything he’d ever felt. It was as if her sex had gone into meltdown. He pulled out his finger and pushed it in again, miming what his body would later do to her, a promise of things to come. Yumi’s knees almost buckled when he withdrew his hand and pulled the cotton panties down, exposing the tight, black nest of curls and the glistening lips of her sex. The nether mouth was the same dark red shade as her nipples, but it shone in the garage light like a maroon satin sheath.

“Now me, Yumi,” Max ordered, and got to his feet. She did the same, peeling back the thin fabric, partially doing it for herself and partially because he bade her to. His tumescence made her moan. He was thick, almost so thick she couldn’t cup her fingers around him. She drank in the perfection of him with her eyes, the satiny swell of the shaft, the dominant pink head, and the soft sacs that dangled beneath. Yumi had the sudden impulse to lean forward and kiss the head of that impressive organ, and did just that. She was yanked up by a fistful of her thick, black hair.

“No,” Max rasped. “No kiss. When I spend, I want to come in your body, not your mouth.” He abandoned her for a moment, sliding into the backseat of the convertible. Yumi followed without being told, the leather seat cold under her naked skin. He told her to turn around so she was facing away from him, squatting over his lap. Yumi grabbed on to the back of the driver and passenger seats for balance, her eyes closing in anticipation. She felt open and exposed in this position. Her sex was easily seen, openly pouting for his viewing, and the bubble-like circles of her rear were pulled tight and firm.

“If I had a condom,” Max purred from behind her, “I’d fuck the hell out of this.” He emphasized what he was speaking of by rubbing three fingers over her dripping flower.

“But since I don’t, I’m going to take you here.” Yumi almost leapt out of the car when she felt a finger press against the puckered hole of her anus. She’d never known a man would want to take his pleasure there. She protested that she wasn’t big enough, that he’d split her in half if he tried. But he chuckled and told her she’d never even know he was there until it felt good to her. Yumi still must have been trembling, for Max patted her on her naked rear lovingly. “I won’t hurt you, Yumi. I’m going to teach you one of the greatest pleasures you’ve ever felt.” She was doubtful, but soon forgot about her nervousness as Max turned his attentions to other parts of her. He plucked her like the strings of a finely tuned violin.

He increased her arousal tenfold, by lightly rubbing her nipples until she sobbed for more in her own voice, by rubbing her hips and her back and her thighs, finding tender spots she never knew she had. Yumi’s thighs began to tremble from the exertion it took to hold her body in the squatting position, and the ministrations Max was doing to her body soon had her skin glowing with a layer of sweat. He played with her sex more, getting her stretched enough to take three fingers, tugging on the lips, and rubbing the swelling nubbin of desire that rested high on her mound.

Gripping her hips, he said, “I want you to feel this in that hot slit of yours first.” Yumi almost fainted when he gently positioned her and lowered her onto his massive member. It stretched her wider than she thought possible, the head rubbing the walls inside, finding spots that both ached with pleasure and begged for more. Her juices squished around him, making a sucking sound as he lifted her off, then slipped her down again. Her moan and his grunt echoed at the same time, and Yumi suddenly felt a new sensation as his finger penetrated her anal passage. It wasn’t painful, a new sensation that she couldn’t put a label on how it felt. Yumi slowly picked up the rhythm on her own, rising and lowering herself onto him with the same motions she’d use to ride a horse. Each time she came down to bury him in her, it felt better and better.

Max was bringing her to new heights of pleasure by rubbing her clit with one hand, bumping her back wall with the head of his sex, and teaching her to take two fingers in the puckered hole of her anus, loosening her up to the lovemaking to come. Every part of her felt so hot, every part of her felt so wet. She was dripping with sweat and her own lubrication, and moaning like a whore as he took her up and up and up. It was like someone was winding a spring inside her body, getting her ready for some great cataclysmic event. Making love to the boy back home had never felt like this. Yumi sighed Max’s name, and he gripped her hips and pulled her off of his organ. He bent her forward a little more so he could thrust against the crack of her rear. Lubricated with the juices of her sex, he slid easily in the furrow, teasing the already stimulated hole while he fingered her flower faster, faster, coaxing her. Yumi went still with a cry, the tension in her starting to break.

Like a whirlwind a heat swept over her body, and she began to shudder violently. Then it happened. Wave after wave of pleasure racked her body, forcing cries from her throat, the orgasm making her writhe against him in ecstasy. Somewhere in the midst of her freefall, Yumi felt a brief, burning sensation, but it was quickly forgotten in the next gush of pleasure. She didn’t know how long it was, but eventually she began to come down off the natural high of her orgasm. She became aware of Max’s hands feeling the small globes of her breasts, and then more to her amazement, she became aware that she was being impossibly filled from behind. He had done it! That thick organ was planted to the hilt inside her back passage, the pain of entry hidden masterfully in the explosion of her first-time orgasm.

Max lifted his hips, testing her depths and to Yumi’s surprise she could feel him, the head of him, pressing against the thin wall that separated her inner folds from her anal passage. He lifted his hips again and she felt it again, rubbing against her inner G-spot even though he was in the opposite passage. She was still shuddering from the aftershocks of her first explosion, yet whenever he moved, she felt the pressure start to coil again. Max slowly pulled his sex out of her anus, then pushed back again. It was a biting pain at first, but the newly stretched mouth opened to take him in, and then Yumi felt nothing but a pleasurable filling sensation. She let him take his strokes first, judging his width and her ability, letting him have control.

But as the strange pleasure-pain grew and grew, Yumi began to impale herself on his shaft, taking herself anally on his organ. Watching her ride him was too much for Max to bear, especially after the stimulation of being inside her tight wet nether mouth while he prepared her for anal plundering. He needed her to come again when he came, and so he began to finger her frantically while she rose and fell on his lap, coaxing her to the brink again. The second orgasm was more powerful than the first, longer and stronger. Yumi’s sex pulsed, empty and aching, but the starfish-shaped mouth of her anus convulsed with pleasure too, drinking hungrily at the thick organ planted deep inside it. She tightened around him like a vice, until his hands gripped her hips furiously and pounded into her with the pent-up passion he’d endured getting her prepared.

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