Bet with Roommate Leads to Cuckold

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Dwayne carried on with the slow steady fuckin for what seemed like hours until he got the entire shaft in her pussy and his big balls were slapping her ass when he bottomed out.

This is when Dwayne takes control and does it his way. He stretched Jen out nice and slow, he was gentle and attentive. Now she was stretched open and ready to be mounted and bread. Even if there was a condom big enough to cover his massive girth and length he wouldn’t wear it. This was Dwayne’s pussy now, to do with as he pleased when he pleased, how he pleased.

That’s exactly what he did too.

“Now I’m going to show you what a man fucks like, you just a slut like the rest of em. I told you I was going to fuck you and I told you would beg me for this dick before we were through.”

Then he unleashed the beast. Jen was laid on the couch with top pulled down below her tits, her skirt up around her waste, her feet on the floor with her legs spread wide as they could and her ass hanging over the edge of the cushion.

Jen’s ponytail was all but completely loose. Her makeup had faded and ran, she was covered in sweat. Her tits and neck had bite marks all over and her nipples were so pink and swollen they looked like cherries.

As Dwayne started his final assault on my girl’s pussy i began my final assault on myself. With every furious thrust of his cock Jen’s whole body was shook. Her tits bounced. Her head bobbed. Her legs flailed wildly around his waste and she screamed, moaned, and begged for more. He fucked her so hard I thought he would drive his cock through her and out her belly. After 20 minutes of furiously pounding Jen’s pussy Dwayne picked up speed and lost a little of his rhythm.

“Oh god baby you’re going to break me….! Oh fuck yes fuck yes fuck yea….! Don’t stop till I’m knocked up! Yes you big dicked nigger! Oh god damn fuck that pussy…! Don’t stop till there’s a little black bastard growing in me…!”

“Uh..uh..uhm..uh..oh fuck…! You wanna nigger baby huh…! You wanna little big dick baby boy in you…! Oh fuck bitch…oh fuck.. Uhm… it cums bitch..! Here’s your baby you god damn whore….! Oh fu…….ck….! Yea….uh.uh.uh.uh.uhm…….now that’s some good pussy.”

“That’s some good dick. Whoa shit I can’t believe that just happened. Whoa my god that was unreal. How can any mere man fuck that good? You must be some kind of god you big dick nasty bastard.”

I passed out from exhaustion in my room. When I woke up Jen and Dwayne were laid out asleep in his bed with the door wide open. In the floor outside my door was a piece of paper with my name on it. It was a note from Jen.

It said, “Hey baby, if you’re reading this we must still be asleep. Well don’t wake us; we had a hell of a night fuckin. But you already know that since you were in your room watching the whole thing. Dwayne told me everything. It’s sweet that you believed in me that much. I guess I let you down. But I want you to know that I love you and hope that we can make things work. Oh yeah, as far as the debt from you losing the bet last night, it’s not as hard to deep throat it as it looks. I’ll help you with it.”

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