Bathing With Maria

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After returning to our dark, quiet apartment we went up stairs and I followed Maria back into the bathroom. The bathtub was still full of the warm, quiet water that we had left before, and we both got in. Maria leaned back and closed her eyes. I looked at her and I could already see the difference in her. She was not the same anymore and, I suppose, neither was I. The woman that lay back in the warm, clear water opposite me was someone who had finally opened a part of herself that was always there, but never found. As Maria sat quietly in the warm water, even the soft light I could see the faint smile on her face that that told me that she had broken down a barrier within her and was finally ready to accept, and even explore, her own desires and sexuality.

From that night on our sex life began to expand. Over time we experimented and enjoyed the intense sexual passions we shared in so many, many different ways.

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