Bathing With Maria

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How young and innocent her face looked. How erotic her breast, as they rose and fell with her excited breathing.

Slowly, Maria closed her eyes and spread her legs with her sensuous hands placed softly on her own thighs. Her back arched slightly almost as if she was inviting the cool darkness of the night into her body and soul. Her hands ran delicately along her thighs until they hesitated at her labia. With her gentle fingers she parted her wet labia as an invitation of the most personal and intimate kind. An invitation that is one of a trusting, honest, intensely aroused woman who is inviting a man of her choice to possess her and place himself inside her body.

I knelt between her legs and leaned forward to kiss the soft skin just above her pubic mound. I could feel the heat that arose from her excited body and her skin seemed smoother than I had ever known. I knew she was finally slipping into a place where she had never been before. A place where eroticism, desire, and lust are all consuming – all that mattered.

I let my kisses trail up her body, over her breast, until, as I hovered above her, I was softly kissing her neck. With a deliberate motion I pressed my hard cock forward and felt its swollen head part her warm,soft lips and travel up into her vagina. Maria let out a soft moan as she thrust her hips forward to meet mine as if she was trying to prolong that first moment of erotic possession – the moment of penetration.

We made love slowly and with an intensity that neither of us had known before. For the first time I became aware of what seemed like every inch of Maria’s body as she lay beneath me. Her soft breath that occasionally filled my nostrils seemed to only intensify my intimacy with her.

As I continued thrusting myself inside her, her hands clutched at the damp grass that seemed to cradle her hips. I moved my lips down onto her breast and began to tease her hard nipple with my tongue as she drew her right leg up against her chest allowing me even deeper penetration. Between her deep moans of pleasure, Maria would cry softly. The tears were tears born of a flood of complicated emotion and helplessness. She had finally allowed the surrendering of herself to something that was, for her, unknown…her own sexual needs.

Bathing With Maria

My own orgasm was quickly approaching and I could sense that Maria’s was somewhere that she had ever been before. Her very first orgasm was building within her and I sensed that it was soon to overtake her beautiful body.

Maria suddenly wrapped her arms and legs around me as she softly cried-out uncontrollably. Her whole body began to shudder as she began to experience her first orgasm – a deep orgasm that emanated from the very center of her female body. With surprise, she looked into my eyes at the moment of her most intensely felt ecstasy…almost as if she wanted to make sure I would remain with her. Her reaction triggered my own orgasm and within a few hard thrusts I began to ejaculate into her trusting, but vulnerable body.

“Let it take you Maria.” I whispered. “Let your beautiful orgasm take you for this moment.”

Her breath was deep and punctuated with incoherent whispers and sighs. Maria held me as if she was trying to pull me deeper into her body.

We lay quietly together, my penis still held in her vagina by her youthful tightness.

Time had passed and I began to notice more of the night sounds that occasionally drifted in from the forest. Maria’s body was relaxed and I raised myself up slightly. I wasn’t sure if she had fallen asleep or not. I looked down and watched the soft moonlight glistening off her occasional tears as they slowly fell from her eyes. I understood her tears – and said nothing. I moved up so that I was kneeling between her legs and I took her hands and pulled her toward me and we held each other without words.

Maria was the first to move, making the effort to break-off our embrace. A soon as she stood up she hesitated for a moment and then without a word took my hand and led me to the small gate at the back of the patio that led out to the forest behind the behind the apartment. I followed her through the gate and she led us along a narrow, damp path that led into the forest. I had no idea where she was going, but in a way it didn’t matter. The sight of her nude, moonlight lit body that at times was barely visible in the darkness as we walked into the forest, is one that has lived with me since.

I felt as if she was leading me somewhere that was familiar to her but I couldn’t be sure. We went on for a ways until she suddenly stopped and stood motionless for a moment. Before I could speak she turned and we embraced – and began kissing passionately. As we kissed our emotion and lust once more became overwhelming. I felt her legs begin to weaken and we both slipped down to the cool, damp earth of the path we were on. Maria lay on her back, legs spread, inviting me to make love to her again.

As I entered her waiting vagina with my hard cock once more, Maria let out a deep cry of pleasure and I suddenly knew why she had led us into the forest. With each thrust of my penis Maria responded with a cry or moan that was born out of something, an emotion, that resided deep within her. I realized that it was the sound of her erotic freedom, her self-liberation as a sharing, sexual woman. Our bodies responded to each other’s and we fucked with passion and increasing power driven by our own need to give as well as take. Maria thrust her hips up to meet mine and gripped my body with her legs as if trying to pull me even deeper into her body. Her cry’s were loud and free and came with each breath. Suddenly her nails dug into the flesh of my back as her body stiffened. Her second orgasm came so hard and fast. I don’t think she was even aware of what was happening until her body shuddered and the flood of pleasure followed by the indescribable yet, complete release took her once more. The long low cry that Maria had uttered sounded so primitive, yet so intimate. It triggered another ejaculation from my cock into her tender cunt.

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