Bathing With Maria

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“They know that I watch them,” she finally said in a voice so soft that I almost didn’t hear her. “Sometimes I like to think they do it just for me.” She added.

I didn’t reply, not fully understanding.

In the low, gray light the lovers moved with a deliberate, sensuous harmony that almost made them appear as if they were moving in slow motion – their position changed slowly and constantly. Soon the woman was lying on her back with the man hovering above her. With the deliberateness of desire she gracefully spread her legs – offering an erotic invitation to share her intimate-self with her lover. Maria and I both watched as the man lowered his body between the legs of his lover and entered her. I felt Maria shudder softly. I let my hands move down from her shoulders and began to caress her breasts as her breathing became deeper. I felt her nipples begin to swell with excitement as I softly played with them. Maria was mesmerized as she watched the couple below. Neither of us said anything.

I never suspected that Maria could get so turned-on by watching another couple having sex. We never talked about such things, and she had never showed any interest in sex-videos. In fact, she always seemed slightly uncomfortable even when she heard a dirty joke.

Maria isn’t uptight; she’s just private. It’s her upbringing.

Suddenly Maria stood up from her chair and turned toward me. Even in the darkness of the room I could tell that she was looking into my eyes and for a long moment she just stood there without moving.

“Wait here,” she said as she turned and walked out of the room. I watched her leave the room then I turned back to the window. The lovers had changed their position and were now lying on their sides facing each other. The woman had her upper leg pulled up and over her lover’s hip and even in the dim light I could see his hard penis thrusting and withdrawing in her vagina.

From behind me I heard the sound of the water being turned-on. Maria was filling the bathtub. As the water continued to run she came back into the darkened room and sat back down in the chair without saying anything. I began to understand why Maria had been taking so many late night baths since we had moved into this apartment. I put my hands back on her shoulders and let them move down to her breasts again as she sat in front of me. The lovers below us were fucking with more intensity – having moved back into the position with the man on top. The woman’s legs were drawn up on both sides of her lover’s body and they kissed passionately as their bodies thrust at each other. The motion was becoming more intense and it was easy to see that they were both approaching their orgasm. Suddenly the woman arched her back and lay completely still as her lover pounded himself into her wet vagina as hard as he could. She drew her legs up even higher as her whole body contracted in the pleasure of her orgasm. Maria moaned softly and I felt her body tightening as she leaned back in her chair – trying to get closer to me. I felt a rush of guilt as I privately wished that I could give Maria an orgasm that was as strong as what we just saw.

I glanced down at Maria and for still noticed how the light shone so delicately in her hair. When I looked back, the man was thrusting with hard, and deep strokes into the woman cunt as he finally came inside her. We both watched as his thrusting slowed. I wondered how they had been able to keep so quiet while having such an intense fuck. I lowered my head and began to kiss Maria on the top of her head. The familiar smell of her beautiful hair filled my nostrils and for a time I became lost in the sensuousness of it. My mind flashed back into one of my private fantasies as I tried to imagine how erotic it would be to rub my cock through her silky hair. I felt her chest rising and falling with her breath as I continued to caress her breasts. I lost track of time but when I looked back out the window – the couple were gone.

Maria and I remained in the darkness without saying anything. After a few moments she stood and faced me and we embraced. I can still remember the erotic feeling as I ran my hands over her warm skin. Without a word she led me toward the bathroom. The bathtub was almost full and as she leaned forward to turn the water off she gave me a beautiful view of her dark labia and anus. It was, I realized, the first time since I had known her, I had deliberately looked at her anus and it stirred within me an immediate desired to possess her anally – yet I knew I would have to be patient because with Maria, that was something that would take time. Gracefully she stood up and reaching, over turned off the bathroom light at the same time taking my hand as she stepped into the warm tub.

After she got settled against the back of the tub she closed her eyes. I positioned myself between her legs, facing her before leaning back. The bathroom was illuminated by the soft, dim light that spilled in from the open door to the hallway.

I still remember how Maria was so breathtakingly beautiful at that moment. Her hair framed the soft features of her face. When she moved the water would lap over her nipples…and her dark pubic triangle seemed to dance as it was distorted beneath the clear, yet unsettled water. This was the first time I had ever taken a bath with Maria. There had been occasions where we had taken showers together but never a bath. In the past I had simply accepted that Maria’s baths were meant to be her own private time.

At the moment I couldn’t tell what she was thinking or why she had decided that we should be there so I kept silent. It was obvious that what had happened in the dark patio – what we had seen – had awoken something deep within her. Something I didn’t yet understand. But something that had been lying softly beneath the surface of her own sexuality for longer than anyone knew.

Maria remained silent for a long time and then she began to press her thigh and knee against mine. Almost at the same moment she ran her hand seductively along her thigh, letting it sink below the surface of the water, coming to rest on her pubic bone just above her submerged pussy. Her fingers began to gently massage her labia and clitoris and I felt my cock getting hard. I had never seen Maria touch herself like this before.

Her eyes fluttered open about halfway as she looked at me from under her beautiful eyelashes, before she spoke, her eyes softly closed again. Her voice came out just above a whisper, “I’ve watched them ever since we moved in here. It was an accident at first. One night I was restless and I went in to the bedroom to look for something to read. Before I turned on the light I looked out the window and they were there, just like they were tonight.”

“How often?” I asked.

“Maybe once or twice a week, I never really know.” She paused. “At first I stayed back from the window, hidden in the darkness of the room so that they wouldn’t see me, but gradually it didn’t matter. I finally felt as if they knew I was there, that I was watching them. She opened her eyes and looked at me once again, “And they don’t care…More than that…” She let her voice trail off without finishing the thought.

Maria closed her eyes once more and I felt as if I was being shut out again. She remained silent and unmoving as the warm bath water lapped against her skin. As I looked at her I felt a level of eroticism that was almost paralyzing. As I looked at her beauty there in the soft darkness it made me ache inside. “Maria, I can make love to you in that way,” I said, “but…but you must let me.” I studied her face for even the slightest flicker of a reaction before I added, “You are the only one who can.”

She didn’t respond, instead she simply lay back with eyes closed and unmoving. In the dim light, I saw a tear trace down her cheek and onto her naked breast.

“What must it feel like to be so free that sex comes so easily?” She whispered slowly.

Her hand was still below the warm water at her crotch. Her fingers had stopped moving.

We were both silent as I tried to think of a way to answer her vulnerable question.

“I think it feels like,” I paused to think of the right words to say to her, “like the feeling I get when I look at you like this,” I said awkwardly.

She took a deep breath and let it out softly. “I want to make love in the moonlight. I want to make love and not care who sees us. I want to make love and feel myself complete…at least for that very moment…to let myself slip into the passion and want for nothing more.” She said softly.

We both remained silent for a long time. All I could do was look at her. I slowly reached for her hand and held it in mine but I felt as if I didn’t truly possess it because it was not given too me. I had taken it, and again I felt a twinge of awkwardness. I let go of her hand and let it slip back into the water.

I wanted to reach out and touch her breast. I wanted to hold her face in my hands – as if my touch could somehow tell her what I felt in my heart at that moment. But Maria remained silent and I didn’t move. I felt as if I was watching her slip away from me. In the dim light of the bathroom – suddenly it was as if I was watching her age.

With the sudden fear of loosing her overwhelming me I stood up and reached for her hand and pulled her up from the water. I held her close with my arms wrapped around her body and felt her softly shuddering against me; she was silently crying.

Without a word I led her by the hand from the bathroom, down the hall, and down the stairs and out to the patio. The cool, night air felt good against my wet skin as I led her out onto a small patch of lush grass. In the private darkness that surrounded us, I held her. I kissed her shoulders, neck, then lips as deeply and as passionately as I could until I felt her body begin to relax and give-in to me. As we stood there embracing the sounds of the night slightly invaded our intimacy, yet not disturbing it.

Finally, with care, I gently urged her still wet body down onto the cool, lush grass as I stood above her. As I looked down at her I was lost in the beauty of her nude body illuminated by the moonlight.

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