Bad Girl – Good Load

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Remy was nearing the end too and Katie knew it. She was torn between the desire to watch the cum shoot out of him and the desire for him to stroke it forever so she never had to deal with the end of the moment. His hand moved faster and faster. He’d given up his artistic debate with the head of it. He was no longer coddling the head with his thumb but punishing the shamefully long and thick length of his entirely too large prick. Faster and faster, his fist moved up and down the wet and soapy shaft as Cathy’s tongue sloppily slapped against Katie’s clit. With four fingers rammed up her cunt, Katie watched the cum start dripping out of Remy’s cock. At first, she thought the man was milking his cock himself. Then she realized that was just the precious prelude as what seemed like buckets of cum started shooting out of the tip. Beautiful semen ran over and through his fingers, covering his fist and making it’s way to drip onto his thighs. He had so much cum Katie had plenty of time to watch while filling Cathy’s mouth as promised.

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