Bad Girl – Good Load

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“You’re dripping, baby” the words knocked Katie out of her reverie momentarily. Cathy was practically spitting the woman’s drip out of her mouth it was pouring out so fast.

“Shut up and suck my cunt” Katie commanded, very out of character for such a “good girl.” She was so worked up actually watching this man work his own mule she didn’t care what the hell came out of her mouth. She had fantasized, dreamed, and very often masturbated over the idea of watching it. To be actually doing it for real was amazing. Not only was this man attractive, but he was completely unaware that she was there. He was getting off in his hand, thinking only that he was getting off in his hand. He may have had a head full of pussy and licking and sucking, but Katie knew it was his fist and only his fist that was fucking that cock. Something about watching a man fuck his own cock with his own hand threw her so far over the edge that she kept on her hands on the floor but lifted her ass so high her legs were straight. “Tongue fuck me you slut,” she said as loud as she could without being found out.” She realized she was in that old gym stance of stand up and touch your toes position she always claimed to hate. Somehow knowing that her panties were down and there was a willing tongue and if she dared to hope, a willing set of fingers behind her, negated the fact. “Fuck me.”

Cathy was more than willing to oblige. Liam had told her that Katie was shy and she had thought she’d get to initiate the girl into the world of sloppy, wet, who gives a hell fucking, but apparently, this one was ready to go. A good little schoolgirl who needed to get fucked was her favorite kind. Cathy took two fingers and without warning rammed them so far up Katie’s pussy that she heard the tears well up in her eyes. She waited for protest but got none and started to work them in and out of the tight wet hole. Before she’d pulled them in and out more than twice they were slick and white with the girls virgin cum. Cathy was thanking the stars that Liam had set up the camera because she was too turned on to watch as much as she knew she would want to later.

“He’s going to shoot his load soon, sweetie,” Cathy said between Katie’s knee’s. The cum’s going to shoot out of that cock so fast we’ll need instant replay to fully appreciate it. Look’s like that sack is full of it.” The more she talked about the man cuming the more Katie’s knees started to buck and give in. Cathy knew that’s what would send over the edge so she continues. “God, every time he yanks his pretty dick that sack just bounces helplessly and swollen. God it must ache just practically shaking like that. Watch his balls while he yanks it. Watch them move up and down so full of his cum it must hurt. A sack full of cum. Look how heavy and full it it is, baby. You can see it tightening up from here. Each stoke makes that sack tighter and tighter.” Katie started to moan in little girlish moans. She wanted to lick his balls, slobber her tongue all over them because they were so swollen and heavy. “Tighter and tighter because he’s about to make himself cum. He’s going to make himself cum in his fist.”

Katie was near beside herself. Cathy’s fingers were so far inside her she thought they’d come out her mouth. Damn it felt good though. She finally gave into the want and went back down on her knee’s so that she could push her pussy hard against Cathy’s hand. A very small part of her; way beyond her reach at the moment, was embarrassed; mortified even. Katie was almost a Ph.D. An honor student. A good girl getting finger fucked in the shower by some filthy, loose, bottle blonde with amazingly huge tits. She was loving it. She had a brief moment of picturing herself in her Sunday best, next to her respectable friends; pink dress, white cotton panties, pumps, pony tail… “Finger that pussy ’till it cries on you.” She heard herself say. So much for Sunday best.

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