Bad Girl – Good Load

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“Holy Shit” was all she heard Cathy say before she realized she was rubbing her own clit along with Remy’s motions. “Keep his rhythm girl.” Cathy told her. “Cum with him and let me eat it…” that’s when she realized she’d been set up. Liam’s girlfriend didn’t want to watch Remy jerk off; she wanted to watch Katie jerk off. She was soo stupid. Anger started to rage through her. She wouldn’t be used. She pulled her fingers away from her damp pussy just as Remy reached for his over full and straining sack.

“Oh God” Katie cried out as Cathy’s tongue hit her barely exposed clit. She’d pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties just enough to pleasure herself to watch this man shoot his cum all over the shower without realizing the opportunity she was giving the other woman beside her.

“He’s quite a specimen,” Cathy slurred between her already wet thighs.

“Yeah he is,” was all Katie could get out without sounding like a drunken moron. In any other situation, she could have defended herself, her pussy, against this violation; but watching Remy rub his hand up and down his shaft was rendering her basically stupid. She knew her own skin was already slick with her own fluid. Her inner thighs were glistening with what leaked helplessly out of her cunt. Cathy just licked it off while Katie watched helplessly.

“Cathy this wasn’t the plan” she barley managed to pant out between hot, sweet breaths.

“I know” was the only response she got out of her classmates girlfriend as her tongue started it ascent not only over her clit, but into her pussy. She was angry, but she was also close to cuming in this girl’s mouth. “Might as well have someone help you along the way, while he pulls on his cock.” Cathy murmured.

Cathy had taken little time away from Katie’s cunt to say the words, but the words did Katie in… “pulls on his cock.”

“Say it again” Katie begged of this nubile little blonde taking sacrament between her legs. “Say it again.” Knowing Katie’s fantasy and knowing what she wanted, Cathy did as told…

“pulls his cock, pulls his cock, pulls his cock” Cathy repeated it over and over as she drank the cum dripping out of Katie’s sweet pink cunt. Her tongue switching off between lapping her lips and driving deep into her pussy. All the while Katie watched Remy work his shaft into a splendor of the hardest piece of meat she’d seen in all her days at the dorm. His fist hard and tight as it worked it’s way up to the head. Softer as he worked his way over it. When he got to the tip, he seemed to linger… momentarily on the most sensitive point. Katie didn’t ache to be there, helping him with her own supple hand but to watch him do himself. ‘Fuck that Cock’ she said under breath as Cathy began to buck and rile between her legs.

“Oh shit, you’re making me cum just by arching against this wall. You really get off on this don’t you?” at the question, Katie looked down at the little blonde lapping at her pussy. Her eyes were so blue and her chin dripping with her own desire.

“Baby,” Katie heard herself cooing to this little one on her knee’s, realizing for the first time that Cathy was as turned on by her, as she was by the built man unaware in the next shower stall. “You want my cum too?” The innocence of the question had Cathy’s clit so wet and tight she thought she’d cum on the tile floor, and then started to.

“Yes” she would have screamed if not for the fear of alerting the man so close by and therefore ruining Katie’s orgasm. “When the cum starts to drip from his cock, I want your cum to flood my mouth. I’m just waiting.” Katie was as at odds between the turn on from the image of his cum and the sweetness of the demand. She had always fantasized about other’s orgasms, and for the first time saw her own as the key point to getting someone else off. She found that twist extremely arousing.

“I’ll cum in your mouth so hard you’ll drown in it… just help me make the most of him.” Katie promised the little blonde as she got on her hands and knee’s to watch Remy climax from the most nubile position. Katie always guessed she’d like doggie style best but couldn’t jerk her own clit well that way. If she could watch; her ultimate fantasy, and get her clit worked by someone else; what the hell? It was the best of both worlds. She was so fucking turned on and wet at this point, reason didn’t come into play. “Lick me good while I watch him shoot his load.” She told Cathy. “but…” she turned her head over her now naked shoulder and gave Cathy a momentarily menacing look…Cathy held her breath long enough to hear Katie tell her, “lick it good. Suck on my clit until you choke on my cum.” And with that Cathy starting to lick in vain.

Katie continued to watch the naked man in the shower who had a fist full of hard cock. Her palms were wet from the shower water left by the men who had left only 20 minutes ago and her knees ached against the hard tiles. She wondered if they’d left cum on the floor too and thought of running her tongue along it to get a taste. Cathy distracted that thought. Katie’s legs were spread so deliciously with a pretty a little tongue between them that she didn’t either care or regret that dreams about men’s cum turned into realities of her own. She had only a moment to appreciate the art of Cathy’s mouth before she was distracted by the show she’d come to see.

He reached down with his free hand to cup his full and heavy sack. ‘So full of cum they must be heavy’ Katie thought to herself happily.. So full of cum. His hand started to move faster and faster over his shaft. Squeezing the base and loosening near the head. The head of that penis was almost purple it was so engorged. When she took the time too look at his face she could see his jaw muscles tighten with each thrust of his arm while working that big hard hog. She knew he was thinking about pussy. Fucking pussy, licking pussy, she could see it in his face. If he only knew what was happening to her own little bit of pussy paradise just feet away, his cum would have been far shot and far gone. While near orgasm herself, she appreciated his artistic pleasuring style. For a man near shooting it, he spent the time to spread his fingers just a bit over the tip. Katie watched him rub it almost lovingly. Thumb the top, finger the bottom; slowly work the head of that big fucking prick until it spit. If it was her hand she’d be squeezing that shit so hard and fast the cum would ooze out between her fingers. She’d work that cock into such a frenzy he’d be lucky not to spill it on himself, but then she’d do what she loved to do most. She’d milk it. Milking a cock was what Katie considered the best pastime in the world. Watching cum pour, rather than shoot out of a hard dick was worth all the time it took to accomplish it. Luckily for her though, she wasn’t the one working it… he was.

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