Bad Girl – Good Load

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Katie could barely focus enough on the bottle to see that the head of it pointed right at her. “Truth” she said… and the question…’what turns you on most?’ A “good girls” most dreaded question echoed off the dorm room walls.

“I have fantasies about watching men jerk off,” Katie said before she realized the booze was talking for her. ‘Sister Agnes forgive me’ she thought in slurred tones

“Really?” Chorused her room full of mostly male friends.

“Really.” She and Jose Cuervo responded in unison; sister Agnes apparently preoccupied…

Within a week the sociologist major’s answering machine was filled with propositions. I’ll let you watch me if I can lick your pussy. I’ll let you watch me and my girlfriend if you let us watch you and our friend Joey; and so on and so forth. She had taken to erasing the messages while saying the mantra, “don’t drink with dorm mates, don’t drink with dorm mates…”

One Monday about two weeks after the party she pushed the play button on her machine with the usual cavalier half ear. As she pulled her books out of her bag, the voice intrigued her. It was familiar, so she listened.

“Hey Katie, it’s Liam.” Thank God, she thought, an actual message for her… not some smut through the wire. “I don’t know how you’ll take this” it continued, “and I haven’t had the nerve to bring it up in person, but, um, I heard about your fantasy deal.” Jesus Christ she thought, even Liam?! He was a classmate, a friend, an honor student.

“I know it was at a party and you were drinking, (an understatement) but word has gotten around and Cathy wanted me to call you.” Cathy was Liam’s girlfriend since High School. There was an uncomfortable pause.

“Anyway… I’ve told Cathy about this guy at my club. It’s just a joke, of course, but I told her and she thought I should tell you.” Another long pause and Katie could hear Cathy’s agitated voice in the background telling him to go on.

“Well, us guys avoid ever hitting the showers with him ’cause he yanks his hog..” Katie’s ears perks up against her own will. Yanks his hog? She thought. What an eloquent way of putting it.

“Anyway… I’ve joked to Cathy about it and when rumor of your fantasy got around, she thought I should tell you. I could sneak you in the showers and let you watch.” Katie was definitely listening now. “You know… if you’re into that and all.” Katie was half wet just thinking about it all the while being embarrassed that her classmate and his very respectable girlfriend were making the proposition.

“thing is,” he continued, “uh, um… Cathy wants to watch too.” So that’s it, she thought. Liam wouldn’t tell her about this all on his own. Being masculine and male, the thought of even bringing up another guy “yanking his hog” was unthinkable, but it must do something for him personally if his girlfriend likes it too. “Call me if you’re interested… if not… delete this message and just kill me with our sociology book the next time you see me.” He hung up and she laughed. Poor guy. Caught between the desire to turn on his girlfriend and most likely a hidden desire to turn on Katie as well and his own manhood and YMCA honor code. Schmuck.

“Hey Liam, it’s Katie…” and that’s how it started. A somewhat innocent, if

booze induced comment got her into many rooms, closets, and shower stalls. She saw more men shoot their load than she could count on both fingers and toes. The first was Liam’s victim

Apparently this guy, Remy was infamous for his “yanking” habits. No one showered with him. Liam knew most of the trainers at his gym and could easily sneak her and his girlfriend into the showers without a fuss since it was not a popular work out time of day. “Just stand here behind the curtain and tile wall.” He instructed. There was an open showering area with many showerheads and then individual showers. Apparently, it was considered “gay” to use these and so it was a safe place to hide behind the cheap plastic curtain and watch the action.

Not two minutes after Liam left the room a tall brunette man walked in. He was what some might call a pretty boy, but not quite. He was built, but not to the extreme. Black hair, nice cheekbones a good strong…. Holy Christ… Katie wasn’t’ done analyzing his face when his shorts came off and the biggest cock she’d seen in a long time was swinging in the breeze. She could hear Cathy gasp behind her. She’d forgotten about Cathy as it made her uncomfortable being there with another female. She’d accepted the arrangement, as there wasn’t a better one.

“What a fucking cock” she felt Cathy breathe in her ear. The closeness of her would normally have bugged Katie, but she was so agitated it only made her hotter to feel breath on her skin.

“Yeah,” she replied licking her lips. “Nice cock” they continued to watch with agitated anticipation and a somewhat weird sense of comradery. “I’ll cum watching him, if Liam’s right.” Katie told Cathy bluntly.

“I’ll cum too.” Was Cathy’s response. With those two statements, the awkwardness went away and they both pealed off their panties to prepare for the action.

Remy started washing slowly. First, he washed his hair. As he reached his arms over his head, the girls focused on his dick. Every twitch, every movement, every move of his arms made his cock move. They both sat in the empty single shower stall hoarding fantasies of sucking it. They got wet watching the suds of the shampoo pool in the thatch of hair above his cock. Katie heard Cathy make the involuntary moan that she herself was trying so hard to hold back while secretly making the sign of the cross… Remy very quickly soaped his arms and chest and then placed both hands at his crotch. He was so soaped up that to look at him now was like seeing a man filling his hands with his own cum. Katie and Cathy had the pleasure of knowing that was yet to happen. He started to stroke.

“He’s jerking it, girl” Katie heard Cathy whisper in her ear.

“I know” she barely managed to reply. Just the anticipation of getting to actually watch this guy; this really hot guy, rub himself off was about to push Katie over the edge. Having someone whispering with hot breath in her ear was making her wetter than her most José indused fantasy ever did.

Remy started to rub on his cock. At first, it was in which one could consider a hygienic fashion, but after a minute, that cock got bigger and harder. Katie was actually alarmed when she saw the size of what was coming out of the end of his fist.

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