Babysitter’s Bad Night

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“Do you want to eat, slave?” Susan gasped as she pounded at the soft virginal flesh. “Do you want to drink her juices?”

“Please, Master,” Alex cried, “I want it!” As the words left his lips, Susan’s body dropped down onto Emily’s sending her pussy crashing onto Alex’s eager lips. He sucked at the wet juices as they dripped from her hot pulsating crevice his tongue playfully diving into the sweet honey-pot of lust they had all created. He then dug his way up her vaginal lips and wrapped his lips around her clit, fully exposing it from beneath her clitoral hood for his tongue to savor. Alex lay there with his face buried in her crotch as the pounding of Susan’s sinfully powerful toy played with Emily’s soul, draining her body of every bit of sexual energy as she found herself experiencing the most powerful orgasm of all. Emily began to feel faint, as she could not even cry out in pleasure anymore. As her body lay a trembling pool of melted flesh, Susan slowly pulled her toy from her sweet, over-flowingly wet vagina.

Alex, still firmly holding her clit between his lips, kept Emily at the peak of Orgasm as Susan asked, ” Do you want more?” Emily, unable to control her body, lay there trembling, then slowly her eyes closed and she fainted…

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