Babysitter’s Bad Night

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“Alex, I think she likes butts.” Susan said with a slight giggle and pointed down towards Emily’s tender rump that was pointing up towards him. He looked back at Susan and smiled.

“OK!” was all he replied. He quickly dropped to his knees behind Emily as she continued to give Susan a blowjob. Emily was now somewhat scared of what she expected but willing to learn more. Alex dropped to his hands and knees, placing his face between her soft pillowy cheeks. Slowly he let the tip of his tongue gently caress the small patch of flesh between her anus and her pussy lips, causing Emily to jump a bit but sink back into this wonderfully lustful game.

“Does that feel nice Emily?” Susan asked. Emily nodded as her head, slowly bobbed up and down on the large, firm cock. Alex’s tongue, smoothly caressing her soft wrinkly flesh, made it’s way slowly up and began to gently caress the rim of her anus, licking it ever so slightly. The sensation making Emily’s body jumped as she felt mingled shock, awe, and unending bliss from his gentle caresses. Each little flick of his tongue made her body pulsate with pleasure. She had never expected to feel this sensation, never knew it was possible.

She then felt the head of Susan’s toy firmly pressing deep inside her throat as Susan pushed her head onto it. “Suck it, you dirty little slut!” Susan exclaimed. “It’s not just putting it in that matters.” Emily began to suck firmly on the cock. The suction thus created pulling at the thong holding it in place. “Much better. I want you to devour my cock. I want you to fuck it with your face. Make me believe that you deserve to please Alex.” Susan let go of Emily’s head as if she had taught her enough and wanted Emily to explore further on her own.

Pleased with this thought, Emily began to play with the cock in her mouth, slurping at it as she explored it with her tongue. Her left hand caressed the balls while the fingers of her right hand found their way into Susan’s wet pussy.

“Do you like having your ass licked? Does it make you want to be fucked hard?” asked her Mistress.

Emily, pulling herself off of Susan’s cock, cried, “YES!!! OH GOD YES!”

Hearing this, Susan grabbed Emily by the arms, throwing her onto the bed. “I’ll give you what you want, you horny little slut.” She cried, grabbing Emily by the hair and pushing her face into the bed, then grabbing her waist, pulling her firm butt into the air, and forcefully pushing the tip off her strap-on into Emily’s still drenched pussy. The firm cool sensation made Emily scream out loud as it pressed deep into her cunt. She could feel Susan’s small hands firmly grasped around her hips as Susan threw Emily’s pelvis back and forth on the cock.

“Oh GOD! Fuck ME! FUCK me! FUCK ME!” Emily’s words cried out louder with each turbulent thrust, the firm cock pressed deeply into her flesh, the tip slamming forcefully into her cervix, the pain making Emily cry, but the pleasure making her moan even more. With each thrust a gasp of air burst from Emily’s lungs. The sensations of Susan’s nipples dragging across Emily’s back made her want to flip around and bite into Susan’s supple, inviting breasts to muffle her screams. Then Emily felt Alex crawling between her legs to place his face just out of reach of her pelvis. He watched as Susan’s penis delved deep into the warm gift of love that he had pleasured not too long before. He craved to please that flesh again.

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