Babysitter’s Bad Night

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When they walked in she knew that she had been caught. She sat there on the couch, her chest rising and falling with every breath, partly from her indiscretion but mostly from the fear. The kids had been asleep for awhile, and, “There wasn’t anything else for me to do,” was all that her mind would think. Her legs were squeezed tightly together hiding her panties in between them. Each breath making her heart pound even harder.

“Hi Emily, did everything go ok?” Susan asked as she strolled into the room.

“Oh, everything went fine!” Emily blurted out, a little too enthusiastically. Her mind had a marathon of thoughts running through it. “What am I going to say?” being the main theme of this event.

“That’s great Em,” Alex replied. ” They weren’t any problem were they?”

“No, no everything went fine…. I think I should get going though.” Her heart started to calm a bit. If she could get out of there quickly, then maybe no one would notice the signs. She had managed to catch her breath by then, and the only thing left was the bit of sweat that made her brow glisten with that glow of sinful delight.

Alex quickly responded. “Okay. Just give me a sec, and I’ll pay you, okay?”

“Honey, I’m going to check on the kids.” Susan made her way up the stairs. “Don’t be too long before coming to bed, okay?”

“Alright, Susie, I’ll be up in a sec.” Alex looked at Emily and smiled. “Can you give me just a sec? There is something I think we need to talk about.” He pointed at her lap.

She looked down and realized that she had relaxed a bit too much and let her legs slip open just a bit leaving her moist panties barely sticking out from in-between her thighs.

“Umm… I’m sorry, please don’t say anything. I can explain.” She whispered.

He left the room, looking back at her and placing a finger on lips, whispering, “I’ll be back in a sec. Just wait.”

Her heart started to pound even more now. “How to explain? He would never understand,” ran through her head, “I’m supposed to be here watching his kids, and I did. But they went to sleep so long ago. I didn’t have anything to do, and they weren’t going to wake up. I couldn’t help it. All I kept thinking was….”

“Emily, give me just another minute. I’ll be down in a bit Sue isn’t feeling too well.”

“OK!” She cried, then whispered to herself, “Maybe he’ll forget.”

After about ten minutes she heard his footsteps as he made his way down the stairs. Her breathing started to grow faster, each breath a bit deeper than the last. She could feel the anxiety build up in her body. She knew she was in an extreme amount of trouble. He finally appeared at the bottom of the stairs looking at her sternly “So what exactly went on here?”

“I’m sorry, Alex, I don’t know what… umm… I’m soooo sorry. Please don’t tell your wife. You don’t have to pay me… It’ll never happen again… I know you don’t want me to come over anymore. I understand, but please don’t tell… I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve been getting in these moods.”

“Tell me about them…” He said with a smile.

That look puzzled her. “Is he really asking me this?” She whispered quietly to herself.

“You know I am always willing to help you when you need something. “He leaned in towards her placing a hand on her leg. “I’m not that out of touch with things.”

“Oh my god….” She thought, her body frozen with shock. “What should I do? What should I say? What if he tells? What if I tell?” As these thoughts ran through Emily’s mind, she felt his lips gently press on the nape of her neck. She could feel her muscles start to contract, her whole body becoming a huge ball tension. He could sense the fear and anxiety building up in her, and he gently moved his hand up her leg. His rough fingers slowly dragging across her warm soft flesh, leisurely gliding across the surface of her clothes and up to her back. She didn’t know what to expect. Her impulse was to push him away and scream, but she was afraid to. He pulled her in closer to his body, his lips firmly pressed against hers. Her hands pushed feebly against his chest trying to get away, but her body was starting to melt into his arms. “Alex, please stop!” Emily sighed softly.

He pulled away and looked at her. “Susan is asleep, Emily. It can be just me and you tonight.”

She tilted her head slightly then ran her fingers down his cheek… “I’m so glad.” She thought, but her eyes shouted her secret wish to Alex. He took her in his arms and carried her off into the dinning room. There was no way that anyone would hear them there.

He laid her on floor and pulled out a chair and placed it down at her feet. He took a seat in it backwards with his chin resting on the back of it. “Now you haven’t told me exactly what has been going on here, and since you haven’t I want you to show me.” He said.

A touch of shame flared up in her, painting her face, but it quickly died down and was replaced by a sense of naughtiness. He looked down on her as the game of “I’m so shy.” played itself out across her face. Her hands slid slowly up her sides gently tugging at her shirt, lifting it slowly up her calves. The wave of excitement overcoming Emily made her arch her back, allowing him to barely see the powder blue bra hiding underneath her blouse. She looked up at him with that cliché grin, teasing him as girls do. “What do you think I was doing?” She asked coyly.

He twirled her panties on his finger and looked down at her smiling. A grin shot across her lips as her hands slid down her sides then slowly across her lap burrowing deep into lap. She grabbed at her long skirt, pulling it up slowly, the folds of fabric retreating up her body revealing the almond colored flesh of her legs. The soft yet powerful build of her thighs made him growl slightly to himself as he knew that the warmth they would provide as they engulfed him would make his body writhe. His eyes followed the edge of cotton as it made it’s way up her thighs. He watched as it revealed her inner thighs, his eyes lighting up as if he were watching the sunrise on the most perfect day of his life.

She smiled with excitement, knowing that he was watching. She licked her fingers and placed them on her labia, sliding them slowly across the soft folds of skin. She then pulled her lips slightly apart to tease him with the sight of her pink fleshy flower. Her eyes closed as her heartbeat grew stronger. Emily could feel the blood in her body grow warmer. The excitement of being watched made her hornier than she had ever been before. She had never let anyone watch as she played. It made her feel dirty, yet it made her want more. She could feel her insides growing moist as her mind played games with his body.

Her back arched again as her fingers slid inside of her. She could feel the slight bit of tension still lingering begin melting away. Slowly she lowered her back again. Her body quaked with excitement as the coldness of the floor stung at her skin, her eyes opening with the shock.

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