Aunt Sue

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Aunt Sue realized his intention and tried to struggle away from him, protesting that she didn’t want that; telling him she needed to have him inside her pussy, drilling it with his huge cock until she could explode. But Aaron’s mind was on just one thing, burying himself in her ass, feeling his cock push into her. He pushed slowly but steadily as he got past her tight opening and could feel the resistance of the tight ring. Aunt Sue was whimpering in pain as he forced his way past the last resistance to his plundering cock. Once inside he stopped, allowing her body to get used to his massive cock before he slowly began moving in and out of her, working more and more of his cock into her tight ass. Her whimpers had changed now, from cries of pain and protest, to moans of pleasure and encouragement. Aaron draped one of her legs over his shoulder, freeing his hand to again pleasure her went cunt, two fingers fucking in and out of her in rhythm to his cock moving in and out of her ass. His thumb rubbed her swollen clit. Placing her other leg over his shoulder for support, he leaned into her, grabbing a nipple and pulling on it, rolling its bud between his fingers. Her cries grew more frantic and she began calling out “God, I’m coming! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Aaron had no intention of stopping this time as his body too was nearing its own climax. Aunt Sue convulsed around his hand, her ass tightening on his cock, forcing his own explosive climax as he ejaculated deep into her ass, pulling and pinching her nipple, making her call out even more as her body rocked in pleasure. Aaron pumped into her until the last of his cum had emptied. Then he pulled out, watching as his fluids began dripping out of her. His fingers stilled on her clit once he was sure she was through the last spasms of her own orgasm.

They laid together, not speaking, just basking in the afterglow of their session of passion.

Finally, Aunt Sue faced him, her fleshy hand laid across his chest. “So, when did you say you had to be home?” Aaron chuckled. “School starts in three days. But I don’t have to be home until the night before. I guess I’ll just have to call the folks and tell them it’s going to take a little longer to fix my car.”

“While you’re at it, you might tell them I am planning a visit, soon. It’s time I made peace with my brother.” She kissed him passionately, with the unspoken promise that making peace with Aaron’s father was not going to be the only reason for her visit. And they still had a few days here to explore their new Aunt and Nephew relationship.

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