At Home Show

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The second guy, one of our previous guests, had been stroking himself hard as he watched Sam suck the first cock. I think he was determined to not last the 40 seconds that he was allowed. As soon as his cock touched her lips Sam once again sucked the cock and started to pump it with one hand and suck with all her power. I knew that his strategy was going to work and Sam was giving it her best when at less than 30 seconds he started to fill her mouth with cum. She did her best to hold it all in her mouth, but couldn’t hold his whole load and it started to run out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. The held that position for a bit longer, but when time was up she pulled away from him.

She didn’t have time to even swallow as the next guy stepped up in front of her and placed his cock against her lips. Her mouth was still full of cum as she sucked in his cock. She was face fucking his cock with her mouth as she let the previous guys cum spill out of every time he pulled back. By now her lower face was covered in cum and I didn’t think that anyone could take what she was doing without filling her mouth again but all of a sudden time was up.

The next guy up was the neighbor who had previously enjoyed Sam at the first show. He had also been pumping his cock and I could tell that he wasn’t going to let his time go by without filling her mouth with his cum. When he stepped in front of her she once again sucked in his cock like she was waiting to be fed. She quickly started to pump his cock and plunge his cock in and out of her mouth. I could tell that he had something else in mind as he held her hand as she worked his cock.

It didn’t take long and he let go his first spurt of cum into her mouth, but then he squeezed himself off and pulled his cock out of her mouth and let the remainder of his cum coat her already slippery face. He held her hand and moved it around so that she was rubbing his cum onto her own face.

This left just one more guy. He let Sam catch her breath and when he stepped up in front of her she grabbed his cock and quickly started to suck. She really was doing her best to make him cum, and he was doing his best to make it last as long as possible. Since he was the last man to have his cock sucked, and the winner of the last hand, I had put down the timer and let them go at it. He took longer than the others but it wasn’t long before he grabbed the back of her head and held her still as he shoved his cock into her throat. Sam was coughing and spitting as he let go but she didn’t say anything.

As I looked around the room all the guys were rather limp. The only one who had not had a blow job had taken the time to make himself cum. He probably wished he hadn’t when I told them the last event for the night. Sam had now moved down to the floor and had spread out her legs to expose her pussy. I told the men that the first one to get hard would get to fuck her right now and that there would be no seconds.

Sam was to be the judge of who was hard enough, and they had just one minute to get hard enough for her to judge. A couple of the guys, including the neighbor didn’t even try, but after just 30 seconds it was obvious that there would only be one guy who would be hard enough to be able to give her a good fucking. If she only knew that it was one of the guys she’d previously thought was “cute” she would have been pleased. I called a stop before the minute was up and just waved him over to where Sam was waiting.

She reached up and grabbed his cock and was satisfied that he was hard enough, she also correctly guessed that he was the third cock that she had previously sucked.

We all sat around and watched and he climbed on top of Sam and in a one quick move pushed his cock all the way in. I knew that she was close to having an orgasm, but didn’t know how long he might last his second time around. He had no problem out lasting her and within a couple minutes she gasped and tried to hold him still. However he just kept on fucking her cunt as hard, fast and deep as he could.

Sam doesn’t usually have more than one orgasm, but after all the excitement of the evening, and given her new lovers stamina she was soon having a second orgasm and as she wrapped her legs around his thighs he pushed and grunted and ground into her as had as he could while he filled her pussy with cum.

Too bad Sam wasn’t willing to take on more as by now there were more than guys with hard cocks ready to go. After asking Sam if she wanted to get fucked some more she shook her head no and the guys got dressed and left. When the last one was gone she peeled off her sticky mask and asked me if I wanted “sloppy seconds?” How could I resist?

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