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Over the next few months I finally told her that when she was stripped for the guys she’d never met three of the men, and that only one of them had been on any of the lists that she’d guessed. I also let her know that since the event two of those who were involved had since been introduced to her. I also reminded her that all of the guys wanted to know when we could do it again.

Finally, almost a whole year later Sam asked me if I would like to do it again. I really think that she was looking forward to being the center of attention one more time, but couldn’t bring herself to be the instigator. I told her that I’d set it up as soon as possible and would get back to her. We discussed just what she would be expected to do, and what we would not allow and after we’d set the ground rules I went off to make some phone calls.

It didn’t take long for to track down the same 4 guys, and all of them were ready to come over immediately, but instead we set up a date for Friday night, just a couple days from now. Unfortunately one of them called the next day and had to cancel so that gave me the idea to call the 2 guys who she had previously hoped were part of the first event. After just a little explanation they both agreed to come over Friday evening.

When I told Sam that we were all set she was kind of surprised, and then when I told her it would be Friday she started to panic about not knowing what to wear, was the house clean enough for visitors and a list of small questions to take her mind away from what was really going to happen.

As you might imagine Friday seemed to take forever to arrive, and at the same time the days flew by. Sam was upstairs in the bedroom waiting as the guys started to arrive. I explained to them what was going to happen, how we would take time to enjoy the exposure and after she was nude what could they expect. They all agreed and settled into to wait.

I went up to get Sam and she was nervously sitting on the bed waiting. I asked if she was ready and after taking a deep breath just nodded yes. I slipped her blindfold over her head and took her by the hand to lead her down the stairs. We slowly walked down the steps and then around the corner into the living room. Previously the guys had been laughing and joking but when Sam came into view every one went quiet.

Those who were at her first show were probably expecting her to be completely dressed like the last time, and the new comers were perhaps just surprised as Sam came around the corner in a black rather sheer lace teddy with a g-string, and fish net stockings. I brought her into the center of the room and then backed away so everyone would have a clear view.

I asked Sam to turn around slowly and as she moved a little she seemed to get more comfortable and dropped her arms to her sides. After a few minutes of us admiring her lingerie clad body I explained how tonight would work. With each piece, or each part of clothing to be removed we would first draw cards. The man with the highest card would be the winner and he would get to remove her clothing as I had them listed on a piece of paper. After a few minutes we would then move on to the next item on the list.

After a mad scramble for the deck of cards one of the new guys was the winner and I instructed him to take the scissors from the table and cut off her G-string. He almost yelled out, but the rules were for them to keep quiet. He quickly took the scissors and cut both the side elastic on each leg. I told him to cut the back too and then wait a minute. After he was done we all watched as Sam once again turned around to face each of the guys with the remains or her G-string barely hanging on. After she’d turned a complete circle I asked him to finish taking it off and when it did he quickly put it in his pocket.

We then took a couple of minutes to admire her recently exposed and freshly shaved pussy. Even though they were not supposed to say anything a couple of the guys commented about how great she looked, and how they’d like to get a hold of her pussy. After Sam heard a couple of the comments and a whistle or two she tried to cover her pussy with her hands but as soon as I asked to her move her hands to the side she quickly did so.

The next round of cards was dealt and my neighbor was the winner so I handed him the scissors and told him to carefully cut the bra cup out of her teddy. I was a bit surprised at how careful and neat he was. When he finished he stepped back to admire his work and look Sam over. Each of her little titties were now framed with a black triangle of elastic lace. This time as Sam turned for all the guys to have a look she stepped a bit closer to each of them and as I instructed her she let each of them feel her little tits and pull on her nipples.

Since she already had her panties cut off Sam was now completely exposed to the 5 men. I knew that they would like the results of the next hand of cards and had them deal them out. This time the winner was one of the guys who had been here the first time, but it was someone that she still did not know. I think he was expecting me to tell him to cut off more of her clothing as he had already picked up the scissors and was waiting.

I then told the guys that this would be the end of taking off her clothes. Sam had been feeling a bit unhappy about her body lately and she wanted to keep her tummy covered so she felt more attractive. I tried to convince her that the guys wouldn’t notice her tummy if her titties and pussy were bare, but it was the compromise we’d agreed on.

Instead of taking off more of her clothes this time the winner would get to enjoy her body for 2 minutes. He could feel her up any way that he wanted that did not include penetration by any thing other than his fingers. It didn’t’ take him long to move over in front of Sam and as he started to suck on her nipples he almost immediately started to slide a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy. He kept going back and forth between her little tits and he continued to plunge his fingers into her. When the time was up he quickly backed up and sat back down.

By now everyone was wondering what was next so the cards were dealt and the neighbor was the winner again. By this time Sam was tired of standing so I skipped ahead a bit and asked her do lay down across the recliner, but keep her feet on the floor. She knew was was going to happen next, but the guys were surprised when I said this time you have to give her oral sex, but don’t finish the job, no orgasm yet for Sam.

We watched as he quickly buried his face in her naked pussy and start to lick and suck for all he was worth. Sam was doing her best to both enjoy the oral sex, but not have an orgasm either and after several minutes waved her hand at me for him to stop.

She stayed where she was and it was obvious to everyone that she was very turned on by now as she made no effort to cover herself up, but just lay still with her freshly licked pussy spread wide open for everyone to see. I grabbed the deck of cards and dealt them out again. As the winner moved over towards Sam he looked and me and waited for instructions.

I told them to line up in order of high card to low card, and if they were interested in participating in the next part they might want to drop their pants. It took only seconds before all of the men were either naked, or had at least dropped their pants around their ankles.

I told them all that this time Sam was going to go down the line, from the lowest card to the highest and suck their cocks. Each time she moved down to the next man she would give him an extra 10 seconds worth of blow job. The first guy would start with 30 seconds and I would be the timer. When I told them if they were able to cum during their allotted time of Sam sucking their cock to go ahead as she would be ready for anything.

By now Sam had moved over to the footstool and was sitting waiting for the first guy to stand in front of her. As soon as he was in front of her and his cock touched her lips she opened up and sucked him in. She worked his cock for everything she could and he was getting definitely enjoying himself right up until I yelled “times up” and she pulled away.

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