At Home Show

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After a few minutes of this non-stop groping and sucking my neighbor stepped back a little and quickly let his pants drop to the floor. Although Sam was still blindfolded I think she suspected something was going on before his cock came into contact with her bare ass. Once again she started to look uncomfortable, and looked like she wanted to cover herself up with her hands, but all her private areas were occupied with someone’s mouth or hand. I was beginning to wonder where this might go, I wouldn’t let them rape her, but I certainly was going to let it go as far as she was willing.

It didn’t take long before all of the guys had dropped their pants, and one of them had even managed to catch one of her nervous hands and get it wrapped around his cock. To my surprise she actually began pumping his cock in time to my neighbor’s cock rubbing on her ass. Just about this time another cock was placed in her other hand and I saw my neighbor stiffen up and shoot his load of cum into the crack of her ass.

He held on tightly to her hips until he was finished and when he released her she started to wobble a little as she began to have an orgasm from the man sucking and licking her pussy. While she twitched, and pressed her pussy against his mouth, she stopped the hand jobs she had been giving. When she had finished he let go of her ass and moved back from her pussy. She seemed to almost “involuntarily” slide down to the floor on her knees to relax.

She still had a hand on each of the cocks, only now she was down on a level with them. I knew that she hadn’t realized what this would do to her, but as soon as she began to pump their cocks again I saw that she was going to get a cum bath. It wasn’t long before it happened, and as soon as one of the cocks began to shoot it’s load at the side of her head she quickly turned away. However, this only set her up to catch the full load from the other cock directly in the face. She once again turned away, but by now her face, shoulders and hair were quite covered with cum that began to slowly run down to the rest of her body. She was a mess, but was still holding on to both of the cocks when I leaned over and suggested that she should return the favor to the man who had gotten her off orally.

She didn’t answer me, but simply nodded her head, and as he placed his cock against her lips she opened her mouth and took it in. Now, she’s never had any type of sex with another person before, so this was a new experience for everyone involved. I moved the video camera around so I could zoom in on her cum covered face as she sucked a strange man’s cock. Although she didn’t seem to participate very willingly it wasn’t long before he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock deep into her mouth. She started to gag and choke as his load of cum was deposited far back in her mouth. He kept his cock rammed into her mouth as long as possible, and when he finally pulled it out a long string on cum slid out of her mouth and down her chin unto her breasts.

Sam didn’t say anything and didn’t move; but simply stayed kneeling on the floor. I think that she was expecting someone else to step up and use her mouth, but no one was ready so as I helped her up and led her into the bathroom to wash up I told the guys to let themselves out.

In Person Show; Round Two

Three months had gone by since Sam agreed to do the at home show for 4 guys. If you’d like you can go back and read about it before you read this story, but that isn’t necessary.

During those months hardly a week went by without Sam asking me for some more details about that evening. It was pretty common for her to blurt out someone’s name and then ask me “was he one of the guys?” I offered several times to tell her who they were and a couple of times even gave her the names of men that she knew from work or the neighborhood. All of this was done in an effort to keep the guys identity a secret from her.

Finally one night she wrote down a list of 4 names and handed them to me with the exclamation that “these must be the guys.” Of course since she didn’t know 3 of the previous men her list wasn’t even close. Except she did have the one person who did know her on the list.

I asked her to explain why she’d chosen these 4 names and she mentioned that a couple of them, including our neighbor who was at the first show, keep looking at her like they knew what she looked like without any clothing. After some questioning she finally admitted the the other two were a couple of good looking guys and she wouldn’t have minded if they had been included.

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