Ass Fucked by a Giant

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She had to mentally will herself to breathe again and her slight movements caused him to stir, hugging her tighter and fully extending his giant cock out to its fullest capacity.

To her complete surprise his cock was now sticking out between her legs and lying comfortably across the inside of her thigh.

Tara could now see most of the length of his cock, making it out to be about twelve inches at least and possibly eight or nine inches in girth!

She was excited beyond belief and her hands ached to stroke him now.

Oh how she longed to grip his shaft with both hands and work up his arousal.

Her mind quickly took her thoughts from one level to the next until she imagined him moaning as she wanked him and thrusting forward with his hips until he came.

She wondered how much cum such a man would produce and the thought of it all over her made her so wet that she knew she must be leaking over his cock. She almost panicked when she remembered that she had removed her underwear to use on his wounds the night before.

Then, as if she was possessed by some sex craved devil her hips began to move so that her wet cunt slid up and down over his amazing thick trunk between her legs.

She heard him moan and then felt him move in a similar motion to hers.

He was now thrusting his cock between her legs as her big wet cunt stroked him until his entire cock was wet and slippery with her juice.

Her hands moved down to feel his huge head and she marveled at the flared rim around his helmet which was as thick as her thumb.

How sensational would that thick rim feel as it slid in and out of her ass she wondered?

Suddenly, as though his animal instincts had kicked in, Zeek groaned out loud and strength like no other she had ever felt took a hold over him.

His hand moved from her waist to her leg, gripping it hard and pulling it up out of the way so her cunt opened up even more.

His thrusts grew more intense with every second and before she knew it, he had entered her wet cunt with the gigantic bulging head of his cock.

Tara stopped breathing and tried to stay calm so that he would not hurt her.

Perhaps if she relaxed enough she would be able to take his size inside her cunt.

He continued to make thrusting movements so his cock head popped in and out between her spread lips and then she felt a few inches of his thickly veined shaft begin to enter further inside her.

As she relaxed, Tara felt her entire body being taken over as if by some magical force and her enjoyment grew with each thrust until she was arching her back to accommodate more of him and help him fuck her more fully.

He pulled out of her swiftly and rolled over onto his back taking her with him so she was now on top of him.

Her large tits hung down so her big nipples grazed over his hairy chest.

He moved her effortlessly into place so that he could take her entire breast into his big mouth and then he sucked her tits so hard that she nearly came from the pleasure.

Her whole tits fit into his mouth and she could feel her nipples tickling the back of his throat, vibrating from his loud deep groans.

Now his cock was so engorged that he could continue to fuck her with it as he swallowed her tits.

He sucked and groaned while fucking her hard and fast leaving her breathless and unable to move, like a rag doll.

She finally got enough breath to speak the words she had been longing to utter for the last few moments.

“Please let me suck your cock Zeek!”

Zeek stopped fucking her and moved her face down towards his slippery angry purple head and Tara began to suck him as best she could.

It was not easy and she could never take him down her throat but she took as much of him into her mouth as she possibly could.

He moaned in ecstasy, grabbing a fist full of her long dark hair and fucking her face quite roughly while holding her in place.

She gagged and spluttered but he was too far gone with lust to notice or care and it wasn’t until she began to choke and then throw up a little that he pulled back and let her breathe.

He pulled her face up to his and kissed her gently to let her know he was sorry.

Then he guided her into position so that she could sit on the end of his cock again.

Tara knew she needed him in her ass if it was the last thing she did.

She told him what she wanted and then they rolled onto their sides so he was spooning her again.

Gently he guided his cock to her ass with one hand while she took his other hand and spat onto it so he could lube up her asshole with her drool.

Then she told him to move very slowly until she could take him all the way inside her ass.

Slowly and gently he began to nudge at her back door while she moved her hips back to meet him each time.

Ever so slowly his head began to stretch her opening until she thought he would split and tear her.

But he pulled back each time she cried out in pain and let her guide him until he was again making some progress stretching her open.

Eventually his head popped inside her asshole and her muscles gripped his shaft tightly.

He began to slowly fuck her ass while she virtually sobbed from the force of him inside her.

Finally she became accustomed to his extreme size and her enjoyment again grew until she was screaming in pleasure, not pain.

If only she had had some normal cocks to prepare her ass first before attempting to take his gargantuan one but alas, they were in an underground cave and totally alone.

Zeek continued to fuck her ass for two hours straight and it was the best ass fucking she had ever experienced.

Her asshole was such a huge gaping hole by the time he had finished with her that it would probably take ages to return to normal size again but Tara didn’t care.

There was only one more thing she wanted now and that was to see Zeek spill his load on her.

She told him to cum for her as she slipped between his kneeling legs until her head was directly under his cock.

He began to pull his cock for her with both hands while she looked on with fascination.

He continued to jerk off while she watched him and then finally he came, unloading a huge load of hot white cum in ribbons over her face and into her mouth.

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