Ass Fucked by a Giant

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She was a girl in a woman’s body although she was of legal age and her mother had warned her numerous times not to venture into the woods on her own as there were wild men, beasts and giants in there.

But Tara never did as she was told.

The sun was just beginning to go down when Tara realized she had wandered deeper into the woods than she had planned to.

She was about to turn and head back for home when she heard noises indicating that a struggle was taking place.

She was not one to turn tail and run from conflict, especially when she suspected that someone was being wronged so she headed straight in the direction of the commotion.

The sight she found before her when she came to a little clearing made her angrier than she had ever felt before.

A large giant was being held captive, bound by thick ropes which circled almost every inch of his enormous body.

It had obviously taken six men to attack him at once in order to immobilize him this way.

The men were brandishing long sticks with which to begin taunting him and laughing cruelly at his deep voiced protests.

Tara launched into action by announcing her presence with a loud girlish giggle to get their attention.

“Oh look men. Here is a poor wandering maiden who has obviously lost her way! What on earth should we do with her?”

Tara gave them all a playful mischievous glance and lifted her short skirt to show a glimpse of her white panties.

“I’ll play a game of hide and seek with you boys and the first one to find me can fuck me as long as he wants and in any holes he chooses.” Tara said in a light hearted flirtatious tone.

“WOW!” The men chimed excitedly

“Ok, you must all count to fifty while I look for somewhere to hide and then come find me.”

The men thought this sounded fairly reasonable and they knew they would cheat anyway so they agreed with her plan.

What they didn’t know was that Tara could run like the wind and nobody could catch up with her when she did.

“Close your eyes and start counting!” Tara said and waited till they did so.

Then she was off with lightning speed into the thickness of the woods but ran in a complete circle so that she could end up back in the clearing while they ran searching for her.

She arrived back to see that they had all indeed cheated and run off after her, leaving the giant bound and alone.

Tara ran up to him and began to quickly untie him.

She was not afraid of him at all even though he was nine feet tall and stronger than three men put together.

Once he was free he took her hand and began to run off into another part of the woods with her.

They both knew the men would attempt to come after them once they realized they had been tricked so their best bet was to find a good hiding place.

Before she knew what had happened the giant had lifted up a big trap door on the ground and pulled her down some dirt stairs into an underground dwelling that was his home.

They both fell into an exhausted heap on the floor and waited until their breathing returned back to normal.

It was then that Tara saw his injuries.

He had bruises and cuts on his face and hands which needed to be tended to.

She got up to fetch some water and cloth to dress his wounds.

All she found was a bucket of water so she took off her panties and ripped the lower part of her shirt off in order to bind his hands.

Small groans escaped his dry lips as she worked away and she gave him looks of understanding and sympathy but continued on.

“What is your name?” Tara asked him.

“Zeek” he replied.

“I’m Tara” she told him.

“Thank you for helping me Tara. I am forever in your debt.” Zeek said in a deep rumbling voice.

“You are most welcome Zeek. Those men should be punished for what they did to you. I’m just glad I got there when I did.” Tara answered, feeling her anger rising up again.

Zeek moved them both a few feet over to his bed of straw and they stretched out to rest.

Tara felt bad that her mother would worry about where she was but she had no choice now, other than to stay the night and think about getting home in the light of the morning.

She turned on her side and pressed her back against Zeek for warmth before drifting off to sleep.

Tara woke to find Zeek spooning her with his arm lying protectively around her waist.

She could feel him breathing heavily and knew he must still be asleep so her mind began to wander about him as a man.

How big would a giant’s cock be on a giant that was at least nine feet tall?

Should she sneak a hand around behind her and have a quick feel?

Her heart began to thud loudly in her chest as she reached down between her legs to find out if she could feel anything.

She had never been this close to a giant before and she couldn’t help being excited as she was quite sexually experienced with men in general and there was nothing she hadn’t tried and not liked.

What she felt when her hand made contact with his skin both frightened her and delighted her all at once.

He must have removed his pants out of habit as he was now naked from the waist down!

She also noted that his cock jerked under her touch and grew hard naturally.

But what left her totally breathless was that his cock was absolutely enormous, long and thicker than her arm at the thickest point!

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