Asian Ass

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“Good, nothing to say, just like a punk loser,” Mark roared. “Here’s the plan now that we all recognize I’m in control. You guys stay for your whole trip so I can have some fun with my slut. When you get back, I tell your boss that we were not overly impressed with wonder boy Mitch’s attitude but that Linda saved the deal and we would like her to control the account with Mitch as her assistant. Any problems?” he asked rhetorically.

He continued, “All right, you guys take the day off today. Go to the store and get a real slutty outfit for me babe. Mitch you can pay and take us all out for dinner tonight. Remember Mitch, everything she says or the tape goes to the wife and boss. Enjoy the day,” Mark laughed as he walked out of the room.

Linda looked at me and said sweetly, “Don’t worry Mitch, I won’t be to tough on you. The way you ate my pussy was wonderful so you’ll get to do a lot of that in the future, I’m sure you’ll like that.”

“Linda, I can’t believe this what are you doing with this guy?” I asked in amazement.

“Well, I wanted to get back at my husband. Jeff has been fucking this white woman at his office and he thinks I don’t know about it. Plus I figured I could be a total slut here because it’s far away so it won’t interfere with my life. Why do you think I drank so much? So I could say something to these guys and laugh it off as drunk talk if I didn’t get a positive response. I just thought it would be Tom, but I’m glad it turned out to be Mark. He’s much nastier I think,” she stated matter of factly.

“You planned this?” I asked in astonishment.

“Yeah, all except you being my slave. That was Mark’s idea. He was mad the way you sold me out even though I kind of planned on it. But this is better because I get the account, I get you as my slave, a raise and I get to be the slut I always wanted to be,” she laughed.

She then went on, “But I’m not a mean master all the time, so come over here and get the fuck I promised you before.”

All of a sudden I was back in heaven. I moved over to this luscious beauty and gave her a deep long kiss which contained all my pent up feelings for her. I then worked down to her small but perky tits and sucked gently on each getting a moan from my new boss. I again worked my way down to her pussy and began to slowly lick the outside of her lips working her into a frenzy. Linda then curled around and took my cock in her mouth. It was at attention its full 6 and a half inches and she gently swallowed it all. After a couple of minutes she stopped sucking, and then told me, “Fuck me my slave. Just remember never to come in my pussy as you are not worthy.”

“Yes, I am not worthy,” I moaned back as I mounted Linda in a dream come true.

I gently worked my cock in and out in a slow steady motion for the first few minutes before I staggered the intensity and speed of my thrusts. But I was so worked up I knew I couldn’t hold out that long as gritted to hold back as long as possible. Finally I pulled out and Linda anticipating my withdrawal screamed, “Not on me on yourself!”

I quickly flopped on my back and shot my cum up my body hitting everywhere from my stomach up to my face. Linda laughed and said, “Okay eat it slave.”

“Linda no,” I tried to say but she cut me off.

“I’m the boss, Mitch. The price of fucking me is to eat your own cum. Besides I want you to get used to it because I have plans,” she said assertively.

I took my hand and started eating my cum like a good slave. Why did she want me to get used to it raced through my head. But then I thought, if I get to have this incredible beauty, I’d pay almost any price. Now I wondered what was the price in the future that I would have to pay.

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