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“Hey Mitch, that Linda is something else, what a beauty,” Mark gushed.

“Yeah she’s great alright, but she’s married Mark. Didn’t you see her wedding ring?” I asked.

“Of course I did,” Mark reasoned “But she’s really hot.”

“C’mon Mark,” I reasoned, “She’s wasted. You have no problem with women, let her sober up, don’t take advantage of her.”

All of a sudden Mark got pissed. “Take advantage of her! What are you talking about. She told me her husband was having an affair and she wanted to get even. She said she really wanted Tom. I didn’t exactly force anything on her you know!” Mark bellowed.

“Wait a minute!” I answered confused. “She said that.”

“Yes she did and I can’t refuse a beautiful lady like that Mitch,” Mark declared.

“Hey Mark. We don’t do this kind of thing you know for clients. I don’t know what to say, but this can’t be good for a working relationship,” I said.

“Well then you’re off the account,” he responded in a flash. Before I could say anything else, Mark cut me off and said, “Mitch I like you. You’re a nice guy and you care about your coworker but she wants me and I want her. You let us be and you can stay on the account. You interrupt me and you can kiss it all goodbye.” Again he stopped me before I started and said, “I’m going back in, telling Linda I called you and that your tied up with Tom. I’ll offer to take her back to the Hotel. If she invites me up then I’ll go. If she doesn’t I’ll leave. No pressure Okay.”

I nodded my head, “Fine, but just remember she’s married,” I said trying to guilt him out of taking the woman I lusted for.

“Okay Dad,” Mark laughed as he headed back into the bar.

When had I heard that before? I felt about two feet tall. How could I leave my drunk coworker, no make that friend, with this guy so that I could further my career and wallet. I waited outside the Hotel to see if Mark dropped her off or came in. Much to my chagrin, he pulled right into a parking space and headed up. I felt small. I went to my room and went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and paced the room. Curiosity was getting the best of me so I called Linda’s room at 8 a.m. to see what had happened. Linda answered the phone and after finding out it was me told me to hold for Mark.

“Hey man, how was your night, mine was fantastic,” he beamed.

“Mark, how could you do this she’s married,” I questioned.

“Okay Mister Sensitive, you couldn’t turn her down either. I’m leaving in five minutes, come over here after I leave, I’ve left you a present,” Mark said and then he hung up.

Not wanting a confrontation with Mark I waited about ten minutes and then walked over to her room. Linda came to the stark naked except for her high heels and invited me in.

“Linda, what’s going on. Are you okay?” I asked while scanning over every inch of her body as she laid down on the bed.

“Mark said I should give you a present and have sex with you. I told him how you ogle over me all the time and he suggested how concerned you were for me and that I should reward you. Now come fuck me silly Mitch,” she ordered.

I was totally confused as I stood there with my naked coworker on the bed asking me to fuck her. Within 5 seconds I was walking over to the bed stripping on the way. Before you knew it we were locked in a passionate kiss. For the past 8 years my biggest fantasy was to go down on Linda and I wasted no time bringing my tongue down to her pussy. Unfortunately it was not as good as expected as in my fantasy her pussy was always clean as a whistle, but here it was all swollen and a bit musty. Then as I licked the inside of her canal it hit me. Mark just fucked her! I pulled away in a half a second and wiped my mouth.

“That’s right Mitch,” Linda laughed, “Mark just fucked me this morning again before he left. That’s two big loads in there for you baby.”

“Linda, why didn’t you tell me before you let me do that?” I asked angrily.

“Because, Mark said you would clean me up including the cum in my ass from last night,” she said confidently.

Her ass. He broke that beautifully perfect ass I thought. “What makes him say something like that?” I asked incredulously.

“He said that if I told you that I won’t let you fuck me unless you clean out his cum that you would crack like the perverted wuss you are. He also said give you 15 seconds to decide then call the front desk,” she said as she picked up the phone.

“Wait!” I pleaded. “You’ll let me fuck you?” I asked hopefully.

“I’ll suck your dick, too,” she playfully added.

Before I knew it I was back between Linda’s legs eating Mark’s cum out of her pussy. Despite that fact my cock was hard as can be as I licked around her pussy which had been a forbidden treasure up this moment. The salty taste of Mark’s cum was not ruining this moment after all. After about ten minutes of constant work on her abused pussy Linda rolled over and stuck her ass up in the air. I immediately moved my face into the greatest ass I had ever seen. I could see how red her anus was and that it had been stretched considerably more than my wife’s ass, which I had been only able to fuck once. I could also see crusted cum on the edges were it had oozed out from last night. I felt like I was in heaven as I licked her perfect ass and thought about her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock.

Then Linda stopped me and picked up the phone. “Yeah, it’s done,” she said and she hung up.

I looked at her in stunned amazement as I tried to figure out what was happening. Within two minutes Mark came through the door laughing out loud. “So the sanctimonious cat like’s to eat cum,” he bellowed.

“Mark, what are you doing here?” I asked this big black man as I stood totally naked.

“I told Linda how you sold her out last night and she was not amused. So we decided to get a little bit on you and if you had looked around, you would have noticed the video cameras,” he said as pointed to two corners of the room.

I scanned quickly and saw the two camera’s focused right on the bed. “Linda why would you do this?” I whined.

Before she could speak Mark answered for her, “Because I knew you were a punk. Any real man would have tried to stop me last night, even though this slut wanted me bad. And you certainly would have acted concerned rather than piling on this morning, but I knew I had you pegged right.”

Before I could say anything Mark continued, “Yeah after you left, this slut, all liquored up let out her true feelings. She bosses her husband around, leads you around by the nose but really wanted for a strong man to put her in her place. Well I’m that man, tell him slut,” he ordered to Linda.

“Yes sir,” Linda stated meekly. “I’m your slave, I’ll do anything you desire master.”

“See punk,” he howled at me. “But she is sweet so I decided to get her a toy and that’s you. You are now her slave or else your wife, boss and whomever else cares about you gets a copy of our sniveling cum eater on video. What you got to say now friend?” he asked gleefully.

I couldn’t talk. I sunk my head down and thought but I was really fucked here.

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