Asian Ass

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For the past 8 years I have worked with a beautiful Chinese lady named Linda. She is now 30 years old, but even more beautiful today then when I first met her. She is 5′ 2″ tall, just about 100 lbs. With a gorgeous smile, pretty brown eyes and shoulder length black silky hair. Although she has only small A cup perky breasts, the rest of her body is simply delicious. She has a wonderfully slim build with subtle curves, a buxom tight ass and shapely sexy legs. She rarely wears short skirts but when she does, I always run to the bathroom to jerk off.

Since we have been working together in a small consulting office for years, we have become rather friendly and have lunch together frequently and have spent time together with our spouses as well. I have playfully let her now how gorgeous I think she is, but she just acts as if I say nothing. While we get along very well, from time to time she cops a major attitude and can be very nasty. I have learned over time to leave her alone on those days.

By the way, my name is Mitch and I’m an average looking 36 year old white male, 5′ 8″ with a stocky build. I’ve been married for 4 years to Debbie, a 5′ 4″ 33 year old brunette with B cup breasts and a thick but not fat frame. We don’t have kids yet but the wife is starting to push to start a family.

Last week I received an assignment out of town and scheduled a three day trip to meet the new client and its staff. I had been in a slump with new business and was excited that I had developed a new lead. The boss told me to bring Linda for assistance although I’m sure he wanted some eye candy to show the new client. Linda, while very good at her job, was not exactly comfortable talking with new people. A matter of fact, she was kind of shy at first and didn’t have the gift of gab. Either way, I never minded spending time with Linda and knew to meet clients she would dress very sexy, so I was all for it. Linda put it on her schedule and we set up to fly out Sunday for a Monday morning meeting and return on Thursday.

We arrived about 2 p.m. on Sunday and checked into the Hotel and agreed to meet later for Dinner. I went to my room, went over my presentation briefly and then took a shower and got dressed for dinner. At 6 p.m. I met Linda in the Hotel restaurant for dinner. We went over the presentation for Monday and the rest of the schedule for the week. Basically after the presentation, the work was over. The rest of the time would be taking several people out for food and drinks, basketball games and whatever else they wanted. After an uneventful dinner, we went back to our rooms.

On Monday morning we met for breakfast before our meeting. As I had hoped, Linda had dressed to impress. She wore a snug fitting red business suit with a white blouse. The skirt outlined her gorgeous ass and stopped just above the knee. A nice set of red 2″ heels topped off the ensemble and gave me a raging hard on. After breakfast we went right out for the clients not giving me a chance to go back to the room to jerk off.

The meeting went smoothly, everybody seemed happy with our presentation and we headed for lunch with the Treasurer and the Controller of the company. Both were men in their fifties and during the whole lunch, they never took their eyes off of Linda. After a two drink lunch we headed back to the clients offices.

We then chatted with some of the key management executives and their assistants as we hoped to be working together on an ongoing basis. I had told Linda to talk to the women executives in a female bonding kind of way, but ever the shy one, I wound up doing most of the talking. Anyway, we arranged to have dinner with the three top executives of the firm that night at 7 p.m.. Me and Linda headed back to the Hotel before our first night of schmoozing the new clients.

Tom Davis was the President and top man of the company. He was 58 years old but looked to be in better shape than me. He stood 6′ 1″, 180 lbs., with black but graying hair and dark blue eyes. Linda would tell me later as we headed back to the Hotel, that Tom was a very handsome man.

Dave Peterson was one of two Vice Presidents and like Tom was closing in on 60 years old. Dave looked almost 70 though, and I thought that the pressure of the job must be tough for him. He was only about 5′ 6″ and maybe 145 lbs. and very gray.

Mark Stevens was the other Vice President and the up and coming future of the company. Mark was a 38 year old light skinned black man decked out in an Armani suit and looked as sharp as anyone I had ever seen. He was 6′ 2″, about 200 rock solid lbs. with a short neat afro hairstyle. He was also the most outgoing of the people we had met and we had seemed to build an instant rapport.

We arrived at the hotel about 4 p.m. and agreed to meet in the hotel bar about 6:30 since our dinner was only two blocks away. I went to the room, relaxed a bit took a shower and then headed down to the bar. I walked in at 6:30 sharp and Linda was already there sipping on a gin and tonic. She had changed from her business suit to a strapless black dress that seemed to run down just past her knees. However, the dress was slit up the side and I could see her upper thigh as she sat at her stool. Scanning down to her feet, she had changed to 3″ black heels.

“What’s that a gin and tonic? You had two wines at lunch. I haven’t seen you have three drinks in the last eight years. What’s up?” I asked my sexy coworker as I sat down next to her.

“I’m just trying to loosen up a bit. I was a bit stiff today and you carried the conversation. Just trying to help you out a bit,” she replied.

“Well, you look like a million bucks, you’ll have these guys eating out of your hand. Just be yourself like you’re talking to me,” I stated matter of factly. I ordered a beer and we touched glasses.

“Tom is very handsome you know,” she stated. “Do you think I can take him back to my room tonight and seal the deal?” Linda asked jokingly.

“Well I’m sure if you ask, they’ll set up a line at your door,” I laughed back, even though I knew it was absolutely true and I’d be first on line.

We finished our drinks and left for the restaurant. Less than 5 minutes later we arrived, but our guests were not there yet. We went into the bar portion of the restaurant and I got a soda not wanting to get to much of a head start in case these guys really wanted to tip a few. Linda however ordered another gin and tonic.

“Linda, take it easy. You don’t normally drink that much, I don’t want to have to carry you back to the Hotel,” I warned.

“Relax Dad,” she uttered angrily. “I’m a big girl whose had some drinks before. I feel pretty good, don’t bring me down.

About 5 minutes later, Tom, Dave and Mark entered into the bar. They all ordered a drink so I got a scotch and Linda yet another gin and tonic. We bullshitted in the bar for about ten minutes and then got our table. Linda was the most talkative I had ever seen her and everyone was having a good time. Linda was talking to Tom and Dave mostly while I was talking to Mark mostly about sports. I had a feeling that Mark was going to be with the company for a while so I wanted to forge a relationship.

After dinner and a couple more drinks, it had become obvious that Linda was feeling it. She had 5 in a couple of hours plus two wines at lunch and she was starting to slur her speech. I was squirming for a way to get her out of there before she said or did something stupid but I couldn’t think of anything. But as dinner ended and I picked up the tab, I figured I could suggest we hit a strip club or something and drop her back at the Hotel. Right before I could say something, Tom got a phone call and disappeared for about five minutes.

He came back with a flustered look on his face. “Well Mitch I’ve gotta go, something came up and I’ve gotta leave first thing in the morning. Mark, that same problem flared up in LA and we’ve got to get out there,” Tom stated unhappily.

“Tom, I can’t go, I’ve got a meeting with our main supplier tomorrow afternoon. I can’t change that and you’re the only one who could fill in for me,” Mark responded.

“Shit, that’s right,” Tom said painfully. “Dave, I need you tomorrow, let’s get our flights booked.”

Dave nodded and got up, “Mark, we need a ride, sorry to cut off the party.”

As Mark started to stand Tom stated, “No that’s Okay. Mitch how about a ride. We can chat a little while you’re here. It’s only about a half hour there and back. I’m sure Linda and Mark can get along for a little while without you.”

“Sure thing,” I answered. “I can tell you a little more about our firm before you go.”

Everyone said goodbye and my second career as a chauffeur began. On the ride we chatted a little more about our companies, I met Tom’s wife, did the polite chat thing and headed back to the restaurant. I had hoped Linda didn’t pass out and leave Mark sitting there by himself.

When I walked into the bar I could not believe my eyes. Mark and Linda were out on the dance floor slow dancing and Mark had arms wrapped around Linda and both hands on her ass. They also had there tongues tied together in a passionate kiss. A few seconds later Mark caught my eye and pointed to outside the bar. As instructed I walked outside and a couple of minutes later Mark walked out and met me.

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