Another Night in July

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I knew that Sally liked Gary, and had some feelings for him. She was, however, usually more reserved than she had been tonight. If I had been home, this would never have happened! Not because I wouldn’t let it go on, but because Sally would have no part of it with me there. I never could understand that mental frame of mind.

I found it strange, that it would be ok for Sally to play around if I were not there, but not ok if I was there! At any rate, their next gin rummy game went on for what seemed a long time. Finally, it was evident that Sally had won. I saw Gary had unzipped his pants and threw them on the chair with his shirt. There he was with only his boxers and a big lump in the front!

This time Sally was wearing the grin.

Gary filled his pipe one more time and passed it to Sally as he began to deal. Gary and Sally were now lying on the bed while playing cards. Gary’s back was toward me, while Sally was facing me and Gary. With the strings in the back not tight, Sally’s right tit had just about completely fallen out of the top.

The game ended with Gary winning again. This time Sally removed the new top and started the next game topless. As Sally was dealing, her tits were swaying back and forth. Gary got up to refill his pipe once again. I could see that his dick was just about out of his boxers.

I don’t know if they changed games or what, but it seemed like just a few minutes when Gary stood up and removed his boxers. They were tossed on the chair with his shirt and pants.

Sally got up and retrieved the pipe. She took a couple of big hits, a sip of her drink, and handed Gary the cards to deal once more.

Gary delt the cards, took a hit off the pipe, and a swallow of his drink. Play continued for a few minutes, when Sally threw her cards on the pile and got off the bed. She walked over to Gary and rolled him over on his back. Sally straddled his legs and grabbed hold of his cock. His cock got stiff and thick as Sally continued to stroke it.

I could see Gary’s veins get bigger as he struggled not to blow his wad too quickly. He reached up and pulled Sally toward him and began sucking and feeling both tits. It took only a few minutes, and he shot his cum all over Sally’s tits and belly.

Sally got up and went into the bathroom to clean herself up. She tossed Gary a towel and he did the same. I guess some cum had shot on Sally’s bottom outfit. When she came out, she went to the closet and put on different teddy. They began to play a new game. Gary was still naked, but now lying on the bed facing me. Sally with a new teddy on as facing Gary so he back was toward me.

This particular teddy was one of my favorites. It showed a lot of class, and yet was just exciting enough. Gary and Sally got back on the bed and started to play another game. It was now about 3:30 in the morning and I could hear the birds starting to rustle around in the trees.

Sally began to deal and the game started. This game took longer than the others, but it appeared Sally lost again. She removed the strap from her right shoulder and allowed her tit to fall free. Gary slid over and began playing and sucking on it for about three minutes. I noticed Sally was also stroking Gary’s cock while this was going on. His cock got hard and straight, but he never shot his load that I could see.

Time seemed to stand still as they began to play another game. It was now about 4:45 and it would be light soon. I couldn’t stay on the backyard hill much longer without being seen. I decided to go to the pay phone and call Sally. I wanted to let her know someone else had shown up to handle the driving range for the tournament and I would be home on time.

Before I had time to leave, the game was over. Gary had placed Sally on her back. He lowered the other shoulder strap, and unsnapped the bottom of her teddy. It was rolled up on the middle of her stomach. Her hands were searching for his cock while he was sucking on her tits and playing with her clit.

Just then Gary mounted her and drove his cock deep into Sally’s pussy. I could tell by the look on Sally’s face he shot his load deep inside her. They continued playing as I snuck off to use the phone and return home.

When I did arrive home, Sally was sleeping or at least pretending to be asleep. Gary had left and was nowhere in sight. To this day Sally and Gary have no idea that I was outside the entire time they played around. One of these days it may possibly happen again. Maybe this time I will be allowed to play too!

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